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gary p. New York City, New York
I love to play tennis and raquetball and squash. I am a total and complete Racket Man! Plus, I... More
MRosen California
I am an extremely passionate person in all aspects of life. Whether it be music, cooking, or my... More
fosterfitness New York City, New York
I had always been interested in working out and being fit, but never could stick with it. I rode... More
Debroftes California
It is unlikely you'll remain indifferent to my rapid fire opinions as this touches on Sytropin. I... More
Annib US

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Anyone would be nervous to find a small groin lump that is sore to the touch.  Being female... more likely that you're describing a swollen gland that's enlarged & painful in response to an infection close...
hey i have very swollen stoamack everyday when i take my medicine Dear Margot, Abdominal pain and swelling can be symptoms of numerous conditions - it's best to see your trusted health care practitioner...
Angels shut down Lackey with elbow soreness by Eli .. Patient Expert The Los Angeles Angels said ace right-hander John Lackey will be shut down because of elbow soreness and his scheduled Opening Day start April 6 in now in question, according to the Los Angeles Times...
STILL SORE!!! by Weight Master E. Patient ExpertHealth Maven In my previous post, I mentioned me playing tennis and getting hurt. My elbow hurts and is still swollen. I wonder if I've fractured something. I can bend it, because I've finally worked...
IMPETIGO BOUT: ITCHING & HEALING by PrettySmartOne .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven on, the discomfort began to die down.  Now, one hour later, the color is less vivid. If I touch the area, it says “itch”, but I don’t need to scratch it, so I don’t want to touch it anymore right now, and I don’t feel...
itching theory tested: results are in by Donna Peach Patient Expert seemed to be in my hands and feet. However, despite my further touching and petting Buster and walking barefoot... flare, the itching seemed to be in my hands and feet. However, despite my further touching and petting...
Looks Like Shingles... OUCH! by Sandy Patient Expert rather the pain! But also my neck was sore to touch and actually my skin hurt to the touch it. The following day... which is an antibiotic. I started the regimen of pain pills, to my chagrin... the Vicoden did not even touch the pain...
91-96. Like A Snake & Itchy Tongue by Melissa .. Patient Expert . He thought I'd just touched something hot and rubbed it into my eyes, but it was really coming... much more in touch with my body, and I feel my body is now much more sensitive to how I treat it. There is no option...
My Itchy Finger by YogaLia Patient Expert So, one of the things I did for my 30th birthday was get a barn-burner of a pedicure--the 15 massage add-on, the deep moisture treatment, the callous removal (I was a little dubious about that, as I spend so much baref
Harnessing Cycling Saddle Soreness by Carolyn C. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven with your waist and your elbow slightly bent. I’ve personally found that saddle soreness becomes less of a problem... being out of cycling shape, I experienced the kind of  saddle soreness that I hadn’t had since I first started riding...

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Symptoms ... eads to many parts of the body, commonly the ears, neck, chest, elbows, inner thighs and groin. The rash ... » Read on
Complications ... Encephalitis is a serious condition in which the brain becomes swollen, which can cause brain damage and even death. In severe ... » Read on