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Park Bench Chiropractic is located in Frederick, Md. We offer complete chiropractic care at an... More
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I am an avid runner and budding triathlete. I was bitten by the triathlon bug after a running... More
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Common Computer-Related Elbow Injuries and Pain Conditions by Nicole M. Physical TherapistHealth Maven Common Computer-Related Elbow Injuries & Conditions Lateral Epicondylitis/ Tendonitis: Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is actually a tendonitis condition. It is an extremely common injury...
Elbow injuries can be quickly improved with Chiropractic care. by Carol Grant is very superficial in the elbow area and is frequently irritated. We treat tennis elbow and other injuries with two... I have been getting a rash of elbow complaints recently which is a common complaint in athletes...
Understanding Elbow Pain - Part 3: Throwing Injuries by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional enough by themselves, but there is actually another important injury mechanism to consider: elbow extension. This lateral area also takes...) of this series from last week.  With that housekeeping out of the way, let’s move forward to today’s focus: elbow...
How Limited Shoulder Flexion Relates to Elbow Injuries in Pitchers by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional Today, I want to introduce you to one of the screens we do with all our throwing athletes - and what the implications of "failing" this test are.  Check out this six-minute video: If you're looking for more informati
Bruised but good by Weight Master E. Patient ExpertHealth Maven So I finally was able to return to the gym after my elbow injury. It's black, blue, purple and green, but it feels good. I done lite curls, bench, butterflies, and worked abs, and my elbow didn't...
How To Reduce Computer-Related Elbow / Tennis Elbow Pain by Nicole M. Physical TherapistHealth Maven within the keyboard platform is what helps reduce muscular pain and injury of the elbow and wrist that is often times... have been shown to reduce computer-related pain and injury of the shoulder, elbow, neck, wrist and hand by keeping hands...
Understanding Elbow Pain - Part 6: Elbow Pain in Lifters by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional : Throwing Injuries Part 4: Protecting Pitchers Part 5: The Truth About Tennis Elbow In this final... in here. Almost universally, the lifters who present with overuse injuries posteriorly are the ones who use loads of elbow...
Understanding Elbow Pain - Part 5: The Truth About Tennis Elbow by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional Author’s note: This is the fifth part of a series specifically devoted to the elbow.  Be sure to check out Part 1 (Functional Anatomy) , Part 2 (Pathology) , Part 3 (Throwing Injuries) , and Part 4...
Tennis Tips - Injury Prevention by TennisTeam .. Add lead tape. If you're feeling soreness in your elbow, add lead tape around your racket... in your elbow, ask a Pro to make sure your grip is the right size for you. Drink up. Make sure to drink...
Tricks of the Trade: Nursemaid elbow reduction by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor elbow" and immediately attempt to reduce it. The provider takes the injured arm, supinates at the wrist and flexes at the elbow. Does the child scream? Does the parent scream and threaten to sue...

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Causes ... en the wrist can cause injury to the tendons, leading to tennis elbow. These injuries consist of tiny tears in parts of the tend ... » Read on
Prevention ... n taping, strapping, or wrapping your knees, ankles, wrists, or elbows, can help while you are recovering from injury and when y ... » Read on