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Elbow Complaint

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Elbow injuries can be quickly improved with Chiropractic care. by Carol Grant I have been getting a rash of elbow complaints recently which is a common complaint in athletes as well as office workers. Tennis elbow, also called lateral epicondylitis, can occur as a repetitive...
chief complaint by Gertrude Patient Expert Saturdays chief complaint of the night was "I have a cold and my right elbow is aching" at 4 am. The lay person medical suggestion of the night was by a guy who got into a bar fight and cut his wrist...
How To Reduce Computer-Related Elbow / Tennis Elbow Pain by Nicole M. Physical TherapistHealth Maven Contour RollerMouse PRO Reduces Computer-Related Elbow Pain: Computer-users frequently suffer from elbow pain due to poor ergonomic set-up. The most common elbow pain conditions is lateral epicondylitis...
Understanding Elbow Pain - Part 5: The Truth About Tennis Elbow by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional Author’s note: This is the fifth part of a series specifically devoted to the elbow.  Be sure..., yet remarkably stubborn issue we see at the elbow: tennis elbow. It’s also called lateral epicondylitis...
Understanding Elbow Pain - Part 6: Elbow Pain in Lifters by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional Today, I’m going to wrap up this six-part series entirely devoted to the elbow.  In case...: Throwing Injuries Part 4: Protecting Pitchers Part 5: The Truth About Tennis Elbow In this final...
Every complaint is a gift - Dr Malpani's guide for doctors handling patient complaints by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor that every complaint is a gift – it’s a chance to learn and improve. In fact, we actively encourage our patients to provide us with feedback – and both compliments and complaints are welcome . Compliments give us a high...
What is That Sound? by Michele A. Patient Expert My knee has been feeling great lately. I only have one complaint, a consistent crunching sound... while it is bending, I can feel it bubbling. I am used to the occasional joint noise. My elbows hyper-extend...
This sounds like it should be examined by a doctor (Orthopedics if you can).  It could be anything from a tendinitis to a stress fracture. Dr. Rima B
I doubt you have an abcess which might lead to fevers, sweats & chills.  Without those symptoms, most likely you're facing a lipoma, cyst, or maybe even an inflamed bursae, eg bursitis..  Best to go see your family doc for fu
Hello, While I cannot speak to the connection between swollen joints and your sense of thirst, if there is one, swollen joints are the beginning of an arthritis. In the beginning stages cortizon injections may help, also ex

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