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Zil US
This blog chronicles life after an ectopic cornual pregnancy. One of my three birds flew away... More

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Thank you for your answer.  I was having a paranoid momment.  I am being treated with methotrexate.  I recieved two shots, one in each "hip" This is used to disolve the pregnancy.  My beta numbers are dropping, so it seems to
The only way to even confirm an etopic pregnancy is at the hospital.  A home pregnancy test will only tell you if there is hCG in your system. A blood serum (aka beta) test can hint at an etopic based on how the numbers r
and money with comprable results Hi, Ive had a few ectopics now even having to have my right tube...
in the tissue around the anus.  At this point, the blood vessels in the area can pooch out and enlarge...
bowel movements that won't cause excessive stretching & tearing of the anus.  Sometimes Preparation H...
: Sharon LaMothe What is an Ectopic Pregnancy? An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg attaches itself in a place other than inside the uterus. Almost all ectopic pregnancies occur...
Hi, I am having the exact same problem. I came off the pill about 2/3 months ago and have many pregnancy symptoms of pregnancy including tiredness, nausea, very sore breasts and I have missed 2 periods now. However, I am a
 i had yeast infection before but my ob prescribe me funzela and neo-penotran.  it goes away but after a couple of days some small itchy bumps appeared on my vagina and it's 2 weeks now it still didn't go away.  it's not std
Ectopic Pregnancy After IVF by John David Gordon MD Medical Doctor in a while we have an ectopic pregnancy that requires laparoscopy but most of the time there are not a lot of medical surprises. However, among our surprises are the unexpected multiple pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy or heterotopic pregnancy. Multiple...
Paucis Verbis: Methotrexate for ectopic pregnancy by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor Ectopic pregnancies account for as many as 18% of patients who present with first... (MTX) for ectopic pregnancies. Not all ectopic pregnancies require operative management...

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Symptoms ... and life-long pelvic pain . It can also lead to infertility and ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy that occurs outside the womb). ... » Read on
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