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I'm a surviving and thriving stage four breast cancer warrior. I've had some sudden and dramatic... More

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that are exactly that of early pregnancy. Since it appears that this particular session occured.... clear white discharge is indicative of ovulation.. not pregnancy. The time...
did you confirm ovulation (meaning did you cross check or test out the surge)?
First, the pull out method is the least effective form of pregnancy prevention simply... pregnancy test as that will give you an accurate result in less than 3 minutes ...
The Eight Early Signs Of Pregnancy by Untreatable .. Patient Expert of those early signs of pregnancy. Fatigue - All of a sudden you have no energy what so ever and you can not... to be on the big early signs of pregnancy. Breathing Problems - Complaints of shortness of breath are pretty...
They can be or they can simply be your normal hormonal shift.  Take a home pregnancy test and the result should be accurate
no it isn't a sign of pregnancy.  Its considered normal to occationally flux a day longer or a day earlier. Unless you miss your period I wouldn't worry about it
Well.. if the first day of your last period was 12 December and you had unprotected sex 15Dec then it is highly unlikely that you are pregnant. Did you doctor do a p4 draw (to check your progesterone levels)? It sounds as
the only thing to do at this point is to go to your physican and request a blood beta draw (where they can also check your progesterone levels to see if you have even ovulated this cycle).    
Taking Care of Early Pregnancy by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook . A new Early Pregnancy Screening Service, that we have recently launched, will provide reassurance..... Studies show that early pregnancy scans help identify potential problems and thereby reduce...
Mild iron deficiency in early pregnancy can harm child’s brain by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor - A mother’s iron deficiency early in pregnancy may have a profound and long-lasting effect on the brain... can take the supplements in early pregnancy due to vomiting. This study suggests it might be prudent to begin routine...

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Causes ... Hormones Changes in hormone levels during the early stages of pregnancy may cause short-term nausea and vomiti ... » Read on
Why it should be done ... ion as part of their routine prenatal care, particularly in the early stages of pregnancy. Although an internal examination can ... » Read on