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Robin C. STANFORD, California
I work at Stanford, ride my bike to work every day, like to take HIP exercise classes, and go... More
Bogdan Donetsk, UA
My name is Bogdan and I'm glad to use an opportunity to thank you for watching this info and... More
Are you a woman who is in transition? Does your life seem to be at cross-road, with some... More
Bhapii4life California
I'm a Board Certified Doctor of Natural Health who specializes in Integrative Nutrition for... More
ruth California
I am a Bi Polar survivor of 14 years.  It is controlled fairly well by medication but there... More

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swing, swing, swing by stairstepmom Patient Expert and playing peek-a-boo and signing "baby" until our arms grow simply too tired for another swing. ...
Swings are great but Swings do ... by Brett Jones Healthy Living Professional Swings are great but Swings do not = Snatches Decided to switch up my 32 kg workout today with some snatches instead of swings and was reminded that swings (while excellent) are not = to snatches...
November Kettlebell 200 Swing Daily Challenge, Day 15. I Swing... by Nathan D. Patient Expert on how to structure this workout. Since this is November and I am doing the November Kettlebell 200 Swing Daily Challenge, I was forced to bang out 200 kettlebell swings at the end of the workout. If you feel...
Swing Kids by C.L. R. out Swing Dancing! There is an entire swing society in the United States, with swing events that occur all over the country. Many of these are swing weekends, or a dance event that goes for the entire weekend...
Tips for a beginner interested in learning to swing dance by John M. My friend and i are planning on trying to learn how to dance the jitterbug, the lindy hop, swing..., and what is the traditional wear for swing dance.. thanks!
of hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, vaginal dryness, and more. The progesterone cream that worked... question is what will help with mood swings and sadness.  Mild depression, sadness, and weepiness...
Running Techniques - The Arm Swing by Kim N. injuries. One of the most typical mistakes I see in runners and walkers is incorrect arm swing. You want to always keep a 90 degree angle in your elbows and allow your arms to swing from the shoulders...
if you haven't missed a bleed then it is pretty safe to say that you are testing too early. Something to keep in mind is that the natural rise of progesterone in the luteal phase post ovulation has the same symptoms as ear
USA Swing Net's 2007 Awards by Selly Patient ExpertHealth Maven USA Swing Net just announced the winners of its yearly awards. My general experience with USA Swing Net is that it is overall a pretty useful site, but should probably be named were-trying-to-hide...
MOOD SWINGS AND ACUPUNCTURE Mood... by Rev. Dr. Richard B. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine MOOD SWINGS AND ACUPUNCTURE Mood swings may have several causes, including chemical imbalances..., norepenephrine). People who experience mood swings might have an imbalance of the neurotransmitters...

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