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What is a Neti Pot Nasal Irrigation? by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine freely by flushing and opening nasal passages. Neti Pot Nasal Irrigation – Why it works... are triggered by allergens and the warm solution introduced through the nasal and sinus passage flushes...
Reader Laura on Aisha, the Afghan Nasal Amputee by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven non-psychological issue relative to having one’s nose amputated like this is drying out the nasal passages. The effects of such a deformation to a person’s psychological well being as you might imagine...
The Neti Pot: Adventures in Nasal Drainage by Charlotte H. Patient Expert out that if your nasal passages are completely blocked, as mine apparently were, the water will do as water... this last weekend I couldn't even take any medicine (antihistamines can apparently dry up the boob juice...
10 Natural Sinus Remedies by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Sinus problems such as sinusitis can cause the nasal passages to become irritated, swollen and inflamed.  This can cause difficulty breathing through your nose as the inflammation
latest ows by Joan H. Patient Expert the parts the doctor could see - nasal passages, ears, throat, heck even my eyes look fine... are very dry and gritty -- I'm using the Refresh tears more often than I ever have before, but the eyes...
Natural Sinus Congestion, Sinus Headaches, Allergy and Sinusitis Relief through Lymphatic Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy by Melissa G. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine , sinus headaches, swollen glands in the neck and a general feeling of stuffy and puffiness in the head... passages. Mucous production never slows down and in fact sometimes the immune systems speeds...
traditions.  Originally it was a bulb gourd with a long stem, dried and hollowed out. The top was cut... bones and make it easy for passages to  become congested or blocked off. A little mechanical assist...
Sinus Problem Symptoms: What To Look For by MJT Patient Expert by damaging the lining of the sinus passages and causing them to become inflamed. Then bacteria that is normally present in the sinus passages becomes trapped and multiplies, causing an infection to occur. A sinus infection...
Xylitol and Sinus Medication by Dr. Ellie Phillips for the Spry company. A doctor noticed that xylitol cleared nasal passages better than traditional medications... mouth-drying medications promote sticky plaque and this can contribute to nasal blockage...
Natural Ways to Relieve Sinus Pressure by Sean D. Patient Expert viruses and other harmful particles in your nasal passages. Other ways to loosen thick, dry mucus... and/or nasal passages (sinuses). Nasal swelling causes pressure and pain on sensitive areas, causing...

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Diagnosis ... e is a positive reaction, your skin will become itchy, red, and swollen. Blood test - this is used to measure the amount ... » Read on
Treatment ... tion (a mix of salts and water). This helps reduce crusting and dryness. Antibiotics can also be used to treat any infecti ... » Read on