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Harvey C. Palo Alto, California
I used to run a lot but ~ 10 years ago, developed a degenerative condition in my right hip so I... More
Ryan G. Los Angeles, California
I am a software developer, so I spend a lot of time sitting behind a computer. I also have a very... More

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Miss your period, miss your bones by Heather J. . repetitive) and the regularity of their menstrual periods, researchers found that the runners who miss... sufficiently, you may start missing your periods (aka amenorrhea). If that happens on a regular basis, your estrogen levels...
Correction: Irregular cycles...not irregular periods the problem with irregular periods is pin pointing when ovulation happens.  A woman is only fertile about 5 days of her cycle (three days prior to, the day of and day follo
Sorry, no dice.  Trichomoniasis is considered a sexually transmitted disease (STD).  In fact, it's considered the most common curable STD in young sexually active women.  It has nothing to do with missing...
depo provera are not available here Thks for the feed back but before I come on my menstrual I always have signs that I'm about to come on and I didn't this time that's why I've been so concern about it. Depo Provera is effe
I totally agree with you Ian<3 While anything is possible livewell, neither lorazepam (Ativan) or citalopra (Celexa) are likely to affect ovulation. On the other hand stress may. If you haven't had a full check up recently
(which is my own personal experience). The level of hormones by the time you miss a period are high... weeks afte your missed period and all these medical shows say that..i just want to do the right thing...
Hmmm . . . if you're sexually active (and I don't mean how aggressive you are in bed but rather that you engage in sexual activity) and don't use any sort of birth control and you've missed an entire period...
you could very well be pregnant but its hard to know as the time from ovulation and when a period is due to begin both have many of the same symptoms because of the flux of progesterone. You could take an early pregnancy te
If you are not having symptoms other than irregular periods, there is likely no need for any intervention. Hopefully, you will be one of the women who sails through menopause. If you really feel that you need to know if this
Missed periods and infertility - causes and treatment by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor is having a late period and a negative pregnancy test! If you are trying-to-conceive , every time you miss... pregnant.If the test is negative , this means the reason you missed your periods is because you did not...

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Symptoms ... l pregnancy. They include: missed period, tiredness, ... » Read on
Side effects ... periods that are heavier than usual, a missed period, or breakthrough bleeding and ... » Read on