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Ann M. Arlington, Virginia
Engaged to a Cal grad & now working in the DC area, I'm a Web/IT Analyst who needs to recover... More
anndithomous California
Cleanse your digestive system and get in perfect shape with Life Detox dietary pills. This... More
Mom2Taytiebug Lebanon, Oregon
My name is Dawn and I am the mother of a 20 year old daughter with a rare chromosome abnormality... More
Viv Austin, Texas
I am disabled with CFIDS/FMS. My mission to help people advocate for themselves and take control... More
Angela D. Columbia Falls, Montana
I'm a mom, a wife, and a wildlife biologist.  I recovered from Bell's palsy and am coping... More

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What is Down syndrome? by Tara M. Patient Expert it- why dwell on it? Another ultrasound was scheduled to check further for signs of Down Syndrome... that I was looking for a child with Down syndrome helped in the process of us being "matched" in the bigger picture...
Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Receiving the News by Lisa Patient Expert October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Unfortunately, I couldn't commit to taking part... is "Did you know he had Down syndrome before he was born?" The answer is no, I did not. The next question...
Down Syndrome: The BIG Picture by Michelle Patient Expert Down Syndrome: The BIG Picture is a beautiful, inspiring, eye-catching, and innovative exhibit... of pictures. It is planned to release on World Down Syndrome Day (Mar 21) 2013 in the United Kingdom...
Petition For Changing The Way A Down Syndrome Diagnosis is Delivered by Noelle .. Patient Expert with a picture of a kid with Down Syndrome on it, is not considered support! THIS HAS TO STOP! Do you know... Let's Get this 90% Down Syndrome Abortion Rate DOWN!! These Numbers have to Change! We need...
Some Pictures......... by Pamela B. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Rhett had his surgery done on Good Friday as well as World Down Syndrome Day............. And these two pictures are from today after he had his bath, morning meds, and breakfast. He is feeling...
New movie about Down syndrome by Stephanie B. Patient Expert Click here to watch the trailer. An unconventional love triangle between three childhood buddies; two girls, one born with Down syndrome, and one boy, who all grow up fighting who they are inside...
Sayin’ my animals [Down syndrome, speech] by RK Patient Expert was when me and Mommy were looking at pictures on the computer of animals and stuff.  (Mommy note: I have been told...
Do you know your letters?? [Down syndrome, speech] by RK Patient Expert Here’s my last movie for you to watch. Here’s the first and the second if you missed them. At least until I make some more!  This was when I was working on my letters and numbers… you can say them along with me if you want
Just what is Down syndrome? by Shannon .. Registered Nurse which is another physical characteristic of Down syndrome. This picture actually shows Gabi's pinkies as straight... of Down syndrome other than the few obvious ones. I am going to share with you the typical characteristics...
Family's 'd-tour' shares Down syndrome beauty by Shannon .. Registered Nurse The Florida Times-Union May 29, 2007 Family's 'd-tour' shares Down syndrome beauty By KONRAD MARSHALL... - their newborn baby had Down syndrome. Forty-six: That's how many chromosomes a normal human cell contains...

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Diagnosis ... ould be given the choice to have their baby screened for Down's syndrome. Prenatal screening is a way of asses ... » Read on
Complications ... onitor the situation. Down's Syndrome Other tests during preg ... » Read on