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I am a former collegiate Field Hockey Player turned duathlete (working on the triathlete part). I... More
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I'm an illustrator, semi-retired. I love to read and have numerous books which I collect and sell,... More
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Stories of running for the rest of us Hi, I am Elizabeth. This blog is about running from... More
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Nail-biting in dogs is similar to that in people is that it can have either medical or behavioral causes or both. Step one is to have your dog examined by your veterinarian to ensure...
by your veterinarian to determine this. Nail bed infections and those of the skin between the pads can be troublesome.... Dogs may chew for behavioral reasons and use this as a form of stress-relief, like nail-biting...
This could be caused by an injury, an infection, or some internal problem at the base of the nail. Dogs whose nails are on the long side may get them caught in carpet loops and pull or split...
.  These pathogens can get into the nail beds and cause enough irritation to make a dog viciously chew at its nails.  Again, if the nails or nail beds look different than normal, have Oscar examined. Helpful Buckeye Is your dog...
You Dogs and Their Teeth: What You Need to Know from! by Ryan R. Healthy Living Professional is just as important as grooming his fur, clipping his nails and keeping his weight in check. About 80% of dogs will show signs... can be difficult to clean Dogs with lower immune systems can be more vulnerable to bacteria infections...
I'm not sure exactly what you're describing here, but it might be the conjunctiva, the tissue between the base of the eyeball and the edge of the lower lid. This can become infected for different reasons...
First of all,  has your dog seen a veterinarian and been diagnoised with a recurring bacterial sinus infection?   Has your vet done a culture on the bacteria?  Has she/he scoped the sinuses
Yes it can. Go to and also for more information. Hi Rascal,   Yes it can. For more information on this go to and also
and set the animal up for an infection. From the other end, dogs with bladder infections are vulnerable... responsility. Also, if the urine eliminated by a dog with an infection isn't thoroughy cleaned up, the dog...
...  I just posted an answer but it is not showing up for some reason. What makes you think that your dogs nails...My all white dog has developed the same problem. One rear paw is brownish red and the quick's...

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Recovery ... During your treatment you should start to see a new healthy nail begin to grow from the base of the nailbed. This is a sign ... » Read on
Treatment ... The two main treatments for fungal nail infections are antifungal tablets and antifungal nail paint ... » Read on