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I am a twenty-something from Royal Oak, Michigan where I live with a roommate and my two pups,... More
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This blogger is the wife of the world's best hubby, mom to 6 kiddos (and 2 dogs), and gigi to 1... More
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Gabi B. Los Altos, California
I am a lacrosse and soccer playing horseback rider who has recently taken up squash. I am not... More
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I guess I uploaded a picture too small for the size that is allowed. Sorry for the blur, it's not... More

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There are many conditions that can cause a dog to cough, from parasites to infections and everything between, and some of these can be passed on to her puppies. So the best thing would be to have her examined by your veterinarian
KENNEL COUGH AND YOUR DOG.... by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven -mails about kennel cough in dogs as for any other pet disease. Since kennel cough is the most common... it with their dogs. Kennel cough, known medically as canine infectious tracheobronchitis, is a highly contagious...
any other existing respiratory ailment.  Vomiting phlegm, wheezing, and hacking could be representative of many different problems in a dog that age.  A physical exam, listening to his chest, blood work, and probably...
I agree with Drake. There are many conditions that can cause a dog to cough and after this amount of time, more needs to be done to determine the exact cause of your dog's. Just for information...
That depends on what's causing your dog's cough and whether the cough medicine addresses that problem and is safe for dogs in general and your dog in particular. For example, if your dog iss coughing...
You really shouldn't give your dog any medicine that was prescribed for another dog, unless so instructed by your veterinarian.  Moreover, you should NOT give your dog any human medicine for a cough...
First of all, allergies and human flu viruses do not affect your dogs and cats... is commonly used for dogs but should only be used for specific problems and what you're describing doesn't...
Not to restate the obvious, but these signs indicate that your dog is having a very difficult time breathing for some reason. He could have something stuck in his throat that's blocking his airway...
of infection are not good at all and might kill your pet dog. I suggest a quick visit to your local vet... of blood and infection, which is not a good combination. I’d recommend your ex have the dog examined...
This Hacking Cough Mingle by Seeryus Mama .. Patient Expert coughing to much.  Nothing works as far as cough medicine goes. I’ve got it, tried it and I’m not going to spend another dime on crap that doesn’t work. Thanks to this lovely cough I sound like Robert Barone...

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Complications ... bronchitis and croup (infection of the airways) signs include hacking (coughing up phlegm) and a barking cough, and ... » Read on
Causes Most coughs are caused by viral infections and usually clear up on th ... » Read on