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I am 25 Years old and have been happily married to my husband for 7 wonderful years. I was... More
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I am 26 years old, have a BA in Elementary Education, and now work full time as an... More
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Slim Tone Plus was a custom design. Slim Tone Plus executed properly should help you see where... More
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Hi, my name is Tommy Douglas and for the last 7 years my home has been in Lebanon,... More
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Mother of two (boy aged 4 and girl aged 6), stepmother to 1 (aged 15), a dog and a husband. I'm... More

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I'm not sure there's anything that will work immediately because it takes time to rehydrate dry skin. Veterinarians often carry hypoallergenic products for this. A mixture of 1-2 capfuls of Alpha-Keri bath oil (NOT lotion) mi
I didn't mean to sound insensitive to your dog's urge to itch or chew at her incision.  Most dogs... with an Elizabethan collar.  These can help to keep a dog from licking or chewing at just about any spot on their body...
That's all good advice from Finn.  Be sure to be able to accurately describe what you are seeing in case it changes before you can get your dog examined. Helpful Buckeye I'd bring it to a vet...
  I definitely recommend that you take your dog to see your vet asap. So-called puppy vaginitis... is that she has a deep-set vulva that is serving as a chronic source of irriation. Sometimes this occurs because the dog...
My dog is affected on her vulva by heru m. Patient Expert , Tetracycline 500mg w/ Niacinamide 500mg and Silver Sulfadiazine 1% QUESTION: My dog is affected on her vulva... on some allergy state. Use some sensitive dog shampoo when you bath your dog, because shampoo can often be cause...
Your dog still has fleas while on Revolution because his immune system is not working well.  
and almost always in older dogs.  There is the initial swelling for possibly several days, then the swelling might open and you would have a draining abscess.  Dogs do not seem to be bothered too much by any discomfort with this. Also, given...
This could be a primary problem with her urinary bladder...either a cystitis from an infection or possibly involving bladder stones.  Either of these can be diagnosed easily by your veterinarian. The much more serious consi
Female Dog Urinary Tract Infection by heru m. Patient Expert that the genital area is kept clean. Female dog urinary tract infection: Treatment Options The only way to know... Female dog urinary tract infection and the problems associated with this condition are a common...
Prevent Canine Overpopulation by Spaying and Neutering Dogs by heru m. Patient Expert dog will prevent her from going into heat, which carries along with it bleeding from her genitals... Spaying for female dogs and neutering for male dogs refer to procedures which sterilize...

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