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I am 47 yrs old and i have had sergery on my back and now they are telling me i have a tear in my... More
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Angels’ Eyes Tear -Stain Eliminator for Your Dogs by heru m. Patient Expert If dogs and cats you have problems with tear Stains , we strongly recommend using Angels’ Eyes Tear. This product is made for dogs and cats, this product works liminates Stains tear...
, and whether you keep the dog inside or outside. Some of the short-faced dogs tend to have a lot more eye discharge, even... watery discharge.  As long as your dog isn't squinting one or both of its eyes, the discharge isn't...
, this could also do it. Or if she has very prominant eyes (like those of pugs, and many small breeds) and if you notice a lot of wetness/tearing, it might be that instead of the tears keeping her eyes clean and lubricated, they're...
I'm Bored To Tears, And Rosie Is The Best Girl Dog In Perry Hall by Jughead Patient Expert What to do, what to do?  Getting harder with each passing day to answer that question.  I've read every page on the internet, played every game, so what do I do now?  We haven't opened the pool, the wife is so busy running
Guided by Love-- A Seeing Eye dog owner recounts her first by Ron Graham Patient Expert Everybody who knows me knows that I travel with a Seeing Eye dog. Hence, I have a good... by love: A reporter recalls life with Bates, a Seeing Eye dog, Liz Campbell recalls her first dog...
Owner’s Guide to Cherry Eye in Dogs by heru m. Patient Expert . However, since the gland aids in tear production, its removal may increase your dog’s risk of developing chronic dry eye... All dogs have a special protective eyelid on the inside corners of their eyes...
such that it sounds like both eyes are involved.  If the haze you are describing is on the surface of both eyes... into the eye, it could be coming from cataracts on the lenses. Either way, get those eyes examined...
get this in your dog's eyes. That could create more problems than the scratch itself. If the scratch is in the delicate skin on your pet's eyelid, have your vet treat the dog because that's a sensitive area and  some dogs...
Can you be more explicit in how the eye looks? Did he bump into something? Bitten by a bug? It's hard to tell how to answer when I can't see the eye. You may want to take your dog to your vet
A Man, His Dog And Kindhearted People: Donations pour in for John Unger and his arthritic dog Schoep by Mind Body Spirit .. Healthy Living Professional The story of John Unger and his arthritic dog Schoep brought tears to my eyes the first... Superior for their special floating time together, and watching the video below brought tears to my eyes...

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Introduction Watering eyes are a common problem, especially in older people over the a ... » Read on
Symptoms An ectropion eyelid sags away from the eye and often turns outwards. Sometime ... » Read on