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Dog Eye Sore

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sore on the left upper lip and now it is starting on the other side. The vets have no idea what it is. Question for all of you....are any of your dogs on Soloxine for an underactive thyroid? My dog...
such that it sounds like both eyes are involved.  If the haze you are describing is on the surface of both eyes... into the eye, it could be coming from cataracts on the lenses. Either way, get those eyes examined...
get this in your dog's eyes. That could create more problems than the scratch itself. If the scratch is in the delicate skin on your pet's eyelid, have your vet treat the dog because that's a sensitive area and  some dogs...
These could be caused by insect bites, an allergic responce (i.e., hives), or an infection of some sort.
These circular, pink sores could be the result of flea bites.  They could also be a form of ringworm--a skin fungus in the dog.  If they haven't disappeared or at least gotten somewhat smaller
, and whether you keep the dog inside or outside. Some of the short-faced dogs tend to have a lot more eye discharge, even... watery discharge.  As long as your dog isn't squinting one or both of its eyes, the discharge isn't...
Can you be more explicit in how the eye looks? Did he bump into something? Bitten by a bug? It's hard to tell how to answer when I can't see the eye. You may want to take your dog to your vet's Things You Should Know About Dog Allergies! by Ryan R. Healthy Living Professional Things you should know about allergies and your dog! Allergies affect many animals, especially in Houston!  Check out our guest post from . An allergy is described...
I think you need to take your dog to an ophthalmologist. That discharge can be indicative of infection.
on the back side of the 3rd eyelid.  All dogs have this "extra eyelid" at the inside corner of each eye... will resolve itself and go away.  More frequently, however, treatment will involve eye medications or possibly...

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Introduction ... n infection caused by worms commonly found in the intestines of dogs (Toxocara canis), and cats (Toxocara cati). Toxocara worms ... » Read on
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