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MissMoo17 Seattle, Washington
Have had FMS for 3 years since its onset caused by a flu shot. Then had big MVA resulting in... More
Chris M. Bend, Oregon
I have Hydrocephalus, a condition of the brain where spinal fluid dosen't properly drain,... More
Dianeiier California
Colonify force is way ahead of colonify force. Whereby do adolescents recover supreme colonify... More
Mark Pegram California
I am educated as a mechanical engineer and currently engaged in representing packaging equipment... More
Dr_Raithel Folsom, California
Dr. Michele Raithel, ND is the founder and CEO of Revolutions Natural Medical Solutions. She... More

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Is Your Stomach Causing Your Skin Problems? by Take Root and Write .. Patient Expert . I have been plagued with skin maladies most of my life. Call it my thorn in the flesh, I guess. Skin problems can be a combination of genetics (thanks dad for the zit!), hormonal causes and external factors like bacteria...
You may have gastritis, or inflammation of the inside of your stomach. This may lead to stomach ulcers. Often this is caused by increased stomach acid. Try taking some over the counter acid reducers...
Can Overeating Cause Cramps? by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine that this type of problem only causes nausea and vomiting, when in fact it can and does cause stomach cramping as well..., which cause those muscles to cramp. Food poisoning is another problem that can cause stomach cramps...
to search for the single cause that could explain everything, rather than separate causes for each complaint).   With that in mind, some blood pressure medications actually cause edema or water retention.  Amlodipine and its ilk...
, you will have problems. Do yourself the favor of respecting your body and seek medical and dental advice for this problem.  ...
I have the exact same symptoms and I also has a stomach bug two weeks ago, think I'll go to the doctor about it. I find I can't sleep from stomach pain if I eat dinner. I agree, you should see a doctor...
Painkillers can cause fatal stomach bleeding by Pat S. Patient Expert This disturbing article, " Painkillers can cause fatal stomach bleeding," popped into my inbox today. Approximately one third of all hospitalizations and deaths related to gastrointestinal bleeding...
, liver & pancreas have all been evaluated, too, as a cause of stomach pain.  I'm assuming that you're... as a plan of attack.  Ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist for further evaluation of your stomach...
If your Doctor has checked for the things they normally check for, blockage, structural problems... will check for causes of inflamation such as infection, infestation, intolerance and the balance of good...
Your symptoms could be caused by a wide variety of conditions, and it really isn't possible to say based on your description. I agree with Ann-Marie, if you want to know what the problem

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