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Is BMI a Trustworthy Tool? by Dr. Sari Shepphird Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven Mass Index (BMI) as a tool for screening and diagnosis of eating disorders. For example... and twice as dense as fat, so a person with strong bones, good muscle tone and low fat will have a high BMI...
BMI stands for Body Mass Index. ... by Shelley .. Patient Expert BMI stands for Body Mass Index. What the BMI weight loss calculator.... Since the BMI weight loss calculator does not take into account your bodily composition, if you are undergoing...
into account- like body frame and muscle mass. For example, some athletes (professional football players... at all. This is because they have tremendous amounts of muscle. Having said that, though, where BMI doesn't tend to be limited as a measure...
BMI Tables by drstaceyny .. Doctor of Philosophy The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simple measure, based on height and weight, commonly... that should be taken into account when determining the health consequences of weight (i.e., muscle weight), emerge...
BMI by Kirk .. Patient Expert I’ve been playing around with one of those BMI calculators on the internet. I don’t put too much stock in those things because it doesn’t take into account muscle gains. Nevertheless, I entered my info...
Waistline Measurements Could Be Better Than BMI by Lucy J. Patient Expert if the person has a lot of muscles, large bones or a great deal of water in their body, which BMI does not take into account. Body Mass Index (BMI) is the most widely used method, of finding out whether you weigh...
For a long time now BMI has been... by Mark .. Patient Expert , the problem with this method of assessing peoples body mass, is it doesn’t take into account people’s overall body composition whether they have either more muscle mass or fat mass, without actually measuring...
Health Sidebar II: BMI vs BFP by Drea D. Healthy Living Professional into account muscle and fat...and does not separate the two). For more information on BMI, click... More link at bottom for more) BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is calculated by a person's weight...
Your Body Mass Index (BMI) And Body Fat by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional type (slim, muscular, etc.) For example, a fit person with high muscle mass will tend to have a high BMI... and increased muscle mass are all factors that should outweigh any health risks suggested by a higher BMI. ...

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Prevention ... be causing breathlessness by referring to the Body Mass Index (BMI). This works by taking into account your weight and height t ... » Read on
Causes ... u may be overweight, or obese, you can use the body mass index (BMI) calculator to calculate your body mass index. ... » Read on