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Does Alcohol Make Your Teeth Hurt

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The best bet is to take your 22 mo old to your dentist or a pediatric dentist to find out what is going on that "hurt" his gums. In order to help your child an appropriate diagnosis must be made first
I have never had a patient who has reported a similar experience to me.  You should see your orthodontist and have this examined--this is an unusual occurance. Dr.R. 
I have two ideas: 1) Ask a dentist for an examination and treatment, and  2) Ask your physician or ENT spcialist for an examination and treatment. What you describe could be either tooth related or sinus related-you need
You should go to a dental office or hospital emergency room immediately and have these problems diagnosed and treated.  It sounds like an infection that could spread (even into your brain) and is very dangerous.
4 Ways Alcohol Hurts Your Fitness Goals by Fit Bottomed Girls Patient Expert of Public Health, are drinking more than ever. Exercise and Alcohol: How It Hurts Your Workouts Alcohol... It may go down nice, but exercise and alcohol don't go well together. Buzz kill, we know...
Teething – sometimes it hurts to let something come to the surface… by Sophie N. Health Maven Violetta is teething. I watch her exploring her mouth with her fingers, frowning... of our tongue that we can’t quite touch. We don’t remember what cutting our first teeth actually felt...
Trick or Treat, Don’t Hurt My Teeth by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook of indulging on those sweets that are notoriously bad on your teeth, are you going to be left staring..., but here are some quick tips that can help you protect your kids’ teeth this Halloween season. Before reaching...
Is Bottled Water Hurting Your Teeth? by DentalHealthTeam .. . Having it in your system is a much effective much more effective way to have it work with the teeth. ANNOUNCER: While most Americans' tap water has enough fluoride to protect teeth – most bottled waters don't. Dr. Tympanick...
How Pool Water Can Hurt Your Teeth, & Other News of Note by The Verigin Dental Health Team Doctor of Dentistry Pool Water May Strip Tooth Enamel ( Taking a dip in the backyard pool may cause permanent damage to teeth if chlorine and pH levels are not properly maintained. “Improperly maintained...
Australia and Healthy Teeth by Dr. Ellie Phillips have decay - but "all" their teeth hurt. Also for those with bad oral health, heavy plaque deposits... here and they contain alcohol in them and you say in your book to avoid them. There is one that can be brought...

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Recovery ... lps the healing process, avoid smoking and alcohol, eat soft or liquid food for a few ... » Read on
When it should be done ... energy, and dealing with and breaking down alcohol. It is one of the larg ... » Read on