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craftymrose rockhill, South Carolina
I am  37 year old female. I am living my life day to day trying to reach others who are... More
dizzyhips moscow, Idaho
dizzy US
cindylou California
My name is Cindy I am 41, a mother of 3 and about a year ago I was diagnosed with... More
malllibuuu California
im 20 years old about to turn 21 and i have gastroparesis that controls my life daily. i am in the... More

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dizzy and sick by Angie O. Patient Expert Brian awoke on Monday morning and vomited right away like he has been doing every morning... his balance around 9:45 and vomited all day - about every 20 minutes until around 3. Then he stopped vomiting...
Dizziness is a common side effect of dialantin along with headache, mild nervousness, nausea, trouble sleeping and vomiting.  
Dizzy by Stuart G. Patient Expert who’d started vomiting and felt dizzy at a children’s hospital. He child was waiting for an x-ray.... She had been suffering from a chest infection recently and vomited earlier. We found her sitting on a step with the MRU...
Jinxing myself? by Carrie A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven after I clicked "publish," I got sick. Again. Worse than before. If I moved at all, I would get so horribly dizzy... was up nor could I move without making things worse. So yeah. Vomit + bedspread = klassy with a "k...
Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert In cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS), people experience bouts or cycles of severe nausea and vomiting that last for hours or even days and alternate with longer periods of no symptoms. CVS occurs...
How I Quit Gambling by Dirk H. Patient Expert Projectile vomiting can be your friend. I never should have found myself inside casinos..., which often evolves into a set of additional symptoms including dizziness, nausea, complete loss of balance, vertigo...
Vomiting is one of the most difficult problems to sort out in dogs.  Part of the difficulty is just what you've described: a lot of vomiting dogs act normal otherwise.  The other difficult part is that vomiting...
him at home that would be better than your local hospital.   Vomiting blood can be coming from the stomach... could block swallowing and if eroding, could also lead to vomiting blood.   I'm sorry...
physician w/the above complaints.  Back pain w/vomiting blood, headaches & weakness is not..., you might have a clot in your leg (DVT) that breaks lose and travels to your lungs (back pain) and causes vomiting blood...
Hi Smoky, Thanks for your question. As a phsycian, I'm quite concerned about the symptoms you describe, and suggest that you get yourself evaluated right way. If you don't have your own doctor to call, I would suggest getting

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Treatment ... feeling. Your doctor may prescribe you medicine to reduce your dizziness (vestibular suppressants) and anti-sickness medicine ( ... » Read on
Symptoms ... ugh you are spinning, even when standing completely still, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, palpitations (irre ... » Read on