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Distended Scrotum

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qeshlktu California
But then, what about flatulence  problem, I, AOM, you won, AOT go to the beach with... More
Aneatineys California
I'm disappointed to see this in the pursuit of my thought provoking opinions as that touches on... More

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Man With 132 Pound Scrotum Finally Has Surgery and Gets Relief..Could Not Afford the Cost And Had to Find A Way… by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven You have to watch the videos and it was almost overnight that his scrotum grew to the size... from Warren’s scrotum on the scale, it weighed 132 pounds. That’s not counting the fluid or smaller pieces...
Post Scrotum by Robyn C. Patient Expert Number 6) Your Country 7) Your Occupation 8) Sex 9) Your Religion POST SCROTUM.... Post Scrotum?? I kid you not! ...
You need to take your daughter to her pediatrician for evaluation and treatment.  Your description seems to indicate that this is generalized throughout her mouth--a tooth abscess would be confined to the localized area arou
  Ibuprofen can cause side effects that impact the eyes (causing damage to the retina) including cataracts, dry eyes and retinal hemorrhages.   Please be careful when talking ibuprofen.  Taking too much can cause nausea,
Size isn't everything.  Sorry, I couldn't resist but in reality, joint size has no correlation to joint pain.  With that said, the list of causes for joint pain is myriad, starting with acute trauma/injury and chronic use/dam
I'm glad to hear about a recent normal mammogram.  Jeff's right in that oral Lamisil can irritate the liver (and bone marrow) which is why it requires regular blood work when taken for a prolonged period of time.  However, o
Hello there, thank you so much for your comments, very helpful :) Hello Sharon, Somen women complain of occasional bloating and also tightness. These tend to get better over time. If you constantly look and feel bloated thi
Swelling is a symptom of inflamation, in your case from injury. The swelling will go down when the inflamation goes down and your body gets the "upper ground" in the healing process. Get lots of sleep, drink lots of water, a
Sounds like it could be an infection.  I would advise you seek emergency diagnosis froma dentist or hospital emergency room before it spreads into your neck or brain.
symptoms.  Breathing usually isn't labored with IBS.  And definitely, IBS shouldn't affect your scrotum...

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