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Autistic People In My Back Yard? Rack Off Mate! by Harold L D. Patient Expert Autism awareness can not necessarily change human nature. In Victoria, Australia, residents near a church proposed as a day center for adults with autism have voiced their objections to the proposal, delaying approval by
The Little Yellow One: My Secret to Relating to My Beloved, Demented Romanian Soul Mate by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert I didn’t have to wait much longer. His reaction shocked me, to say the least. His eyes sparkled and a look of wonder came over his face. He gazed at me as though I’d just given him something magical. By Marie Marley
Personality Disorders: BPD and Narcissism by Susan Patient Expert the Personality Disorder post and adding a discussion of Borderline Personality Disorder. The other post... me what exactly is a personality disorder in the clinical sense. Since I was a diagnostic clinician for 5 years...
Two Personality Disorders: NPD and BPD by Susan Patient Expert to people who have signs or symptoms of a personality disorder, that is serious. A personality disorder... out what it is you did and need to be doing for yourself. People often ask me what exactly is a personality disorder...
Divorce can cause pets to develop obsessive compulsive disorders by PetDoc Doctor of Veterinary Medicine that are stressed can show signs of compulsive disorder. This may include chasing their own tail or excessive... out their own feathers after losing a mate or experiencing some other type of trauma. Since not pursuing divorce...
Advantages of being Disorderly by Ruth K. Patient Expert One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.... The "disorderly" corner of our neighbour's yard, bottom left My husband will not keep a messy yard...
Autism Science Foundation Partnering with UJA-Federation to Launch Three Surveys Designed to Identify Services and Needs for Adu by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Autism Network (IAN)  and completing the “ UJA-Federation Adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD...
ADHD & Marriage: When Doing "Well Enough" Can Help by Melissa Orlov Patient Expert What happens when an ADHD partner takes responsibility for ADHD issues, but still struggles to make things go smoothly?  Here's a good example of the process that couples go through to find a balance that can work for them
Remaining Empathetic When Your ADHD Spouse is “Stuck” by Melissa Orlov Patient Expert For a non-ADHD partner, it is SO frustrating to watch your spouse struggle without result.  You want her to do well.  You can see HOW she might improve things.  If you were doing them, it would be EASY.  Yet nothing changes
ADHD and Marriage - Giving Up Control by Melissa Orlov Patient Expert Control issues create one of the most common Catch-22s of ADHD-impacted marriages.  Take on what your partner isn’t doing and you are overwhelmed with what you have to do and resentful of the burden.  Don’t take on what y

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