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Jon L. South San Francisco, California
I am a big guy, trying to lose weight gained by a major knee surgery and many years of bad... More
Patty B. Granbury, Texas
I lost a kidney and have just recently found a path to take because a Doctor took the time to... More
dfesau California
I am a "gramma" who has a wonderful husband who also needs to loose weight.  If... More
kt California
I know next to nothing about computers so I won't be posting a pic..I am a private practice... More

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I don't know. We're all different. Follow the suggestions from the doctor. Be sure she does stretches to strengthen her knees and hips.
My Knee-Caps Have Decided To Say Hello! by robin Patient Expert was almost gone. ALMOST GONE Whipeeeee!! Now, I can see my knee-caps and it's been two months. There is still some swelling and puss... everything up there in the title. I think it looks good. Okay, here's the deal. I've had baker's cysts in both of my knees...
Dislocated by Stuart G. Patient Expert by car. Stats: 1 eTOH fit; 2 falls with minor cuts; 1 dislocated knee; 1 ?EP fit; 1 cold person; 1 fast.... A dislocated knee in the City next and I was meandering around corridors in a large office building...
Wobbly knees and cyclists by Stuart G. Patient Expert fall; 1 RTC taxi vs cyclist; 1 faint; 1 abdo pain; 1 dislocated knee. Green calls are usually (but not... on it. This was because the knee cap was still a little too high in the leg, so I slid it down into its proper anatomical position...
I Had a Knee Replacement and then Tore My Muscle. Now What? by Doug K. Patient Expert ) and since then she has had a number of problems. Because the VMO helps stabilize your knee cap, when you rupture it, it's like cutting... I received an email from a reader, Lisa, who had a total knee replacement about three months ago...
Patella Exercise to Avoid Locked Knees and Reduce Knee Pain by Aliesa George Patient Expert , freer movement of the leg, and better tracking of the patella (knee cap), which all help to reduce knee... If you’re one of those folks who has a tendency to lock your knees, and may occasionally...
“It’s there and I’m stuck with it” – chronic knee pain after knee joint replacement by Bronwyn T. Occupational Therapist reason given for revision of a total hip joint was dislocation, and pain was the sixth most common reason given; in the case of revision of knee joint replacements, persistent pain was the most common reason...
to strengthen your knees and hips. Your hips control the movement of your knee caps. ...
with Chondromalacia (knee cap misalignment). As far as preventing injury during running? The best thing... in for a marathon turn! I twisted my knee months ago and now after just five or six miles it gives in, I had built...
Here is a comment about the future. It is important to do exercises to strengthen your knees and hips. Your hips are important because they control the movement of the knee cap. Here are the exercises...

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Symptoms ... ple, the diaper area (groin), the nose, armpits or backs of the knees. In this case, the condition is called seborrhoeic eczema ... » Read on
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