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Live Attenuated Vaccine to Prevent Disease Caused by West Nile Virus by and caused severe disease in more than 4222 others. This project is part of NIAID’s comprehensive emerging infectious disease program, which supports research on bacterial, viral, and other types of disease-causing...
Viruses May Cause Childhood Diabetes. Can they Cause Autism? by Kim S. Patient Expert have in dealing with children who have the disease. An article entitled “Study of Human Pancreas Links Virus to Cause... me all the dirty pictures!” I feel a bit like that patient every time I read about viruses causing unsuspected...
Laten herpes virus infection in human trigeminal ganglia causes chronic immune response by Cheryl Patient Expert causes chronic immune response. Theil D, Derfuss T, Paripovic I, Herberger S, Meinl E, Schueler O... (TGs) are latently infected with alpha-herpesviruses [herpes simplex virus type-1 (HSV-1...
Wart virus caused 25,000 cancers in 5 years: CDC by Matthew Z. Patient Expert WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The human wart virus HPV caused 25,000 cases of cancer in the United States... for Disease Control and Prevention more | digg story
Appendicitis may be caused by virus by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor infections as a direct cause. They also were able to rule out several types of intestinal viruses... that appendicitis may be caused by undetermined viral infection or infections, said Dr. Edward Livingston, chief...
Are brain tumors caused by a virus? by Katherine B. Patient Expert that it has on their development. There is updated research that the same virus may possibly be the cause of some brain tumors...) are caused by viruses this may be the fourth. You can read more about the theory and research in Newsweek.
Multiple Sclerosis: Virus Infection May Cause Unusual Immune Cells To Attack Nerves by stuart Patient Expert Posted on: Sunday, 13 June 2010, 07:50 CDT White blood cells with receptors for both virus and nerve proteins may assault nerves after fighting an infection A virus infection can incite the body...
Prostate Cancer Caused by a Virus? by Rabbi Ed . Whether viruses cause prostate cancer has been a subject of scientific research.... That report indicates that it’s already been determined that viruses can cause other cancers such as cervical...
Is Breast Cancer Caused by a Virus? by Brandy W. Patient Expert of the possibility that breast cancer could be caused by a virus (like HPV causes cervical cancer... that you could possibly play a role in increasing research into a breast cancer virus. (If you're having problems viewing...
Virus Causing Glandular Fever Could also be Behind Multiple Sclerosis by stuart Patient Expert Posted online: Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 11:06:00 AM The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) that causes glandular fever could also be behind multiple sclerosis, Australian scientists say...

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