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I am not an MD so cannot answer your question, directly, but I suggest you check the article, "Alcohol-induced Bone Disease," at this link:
of gum disease: 1) Make sure to keep your toothbrushes away from the toilet area of your bathroom - 2...) You may want to use Closys mouth rinse before you brush your teeth. Closys gets to work on gum disease...
Celiac Disease causes ADHD Symptoms by Nicolas I. Patient Expert disease, it is quite possible that you or your child's ADHD may be a misdiagnosis of an underlying cause... it out from other disorders that often present similar-looking symptoms. One such disorder is known as celiac disease...
Heart Disease - Number One Cause of Death by Diana Y. Healthy Living Professional causes of hypertension include kidney disease, vascular disease, or rare tumors. Consult your physician... Heart disease prevention information from the Orlando Heart Center: Heart disease is the number...
Lyme disease - Cause and Symptoms by Corry C. Patient Expert Lyme disease is caused by ticks; mainly the black legged tick or deer tick as it is called as well... disease is being transferred and the quicker the tick is removedthe lesser the chance you ...
Infectious Diseases Caused Two-Thirds of the Nearly 9 Million Child Deaths Globally In 2008 by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy Preventable infectious diseases cause two-thirds of child deaths, according to a new study... how millions of children under five die every year from preventable causes. “With less than five years...
Live Attenuated Vaccine to Prevent Disease Caused by West Nile Virus by and caused severe disease in more than 4222 others. This project is part of NIAID’s comprehensive emerging infectious disease program, which supports research on bacterial, viral, and other types of disease-causing...
Alzheimer’s Disease--What is it? Who gets it? What causes it? by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of a condition called dementia. It is named... are more likely to develop the disease as they age, so there is a gene abnormality that causes the disease...
5 Common Diseases Caused by Smoking by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine if you have a clearer picture of the 5 common diseases caused by smoking. The Most Common Disease Caused by Smoking The most common disease that smoking causes is cancer. Many people mistakenly think...
A very bad week for the XMRV causes disease idea by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven : My prediction: Now that the last bit of scientific evidence supporting the idea that XMRV causes any disease... of finding answers to M.E. and related diseases.We will use the opportunity created by the departure of Dr...

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Exercises to build your body by a professional acrobat.

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Risks ... bortion, the main risk is infection in the womb that is usually caused by a failure to completely remove all of thefetusand the ... » Read on
Introduction Actinomycosis is achronicinfection caused by variousbacteriaed actinomycetes. Thesebacteriaare comm ... » Read on