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neck traction will not only open up the disc spaces,but it will also help you get the proper C Curve...
My X-Ray Shows a Decreased Disc Space at C6-C7. What does this mean? by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook out then there is less of it between the vertebrae in the neck.              This decreased disc space... can also cause a fairly healthy disc to bulge or even herniated .  This will also show as a decreased space...
What is a Cervical Disc Herniation ? How is it Treated ? Do I have to have Surgery ? What are the Symptoms ? by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty or MRIs. The X-ray can show bone spurs and narrowing of the disc space as the spine ages... in the outer layer, into the space occupied by the nerves and spinal cord. The herniated disc can then press...
Do you have a herniated disc? by jasmine a. Patient Expert the space between the vertebrae decreases and become narrower. Also, as the disc loses water content... Diagnosed With a Herniated Disc? By: Dr. Robert Duvall, DPT, ATC, MGFI...
Back Pain, Trapped Nerves and Herniated Discs - when is surgery required? by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook . The epidural space is used for anaesthetising spinal nerve roots, for example during pregnancy. space (similar... , the spine expert describes the types of surget including: Spinal Fusion Lumbar disc replacement...
Do You Have Degenerative Disc Disease? by jasmine a. Patient Expert discs which showed up black on the scan results and a narrower space than the other discs. DDD... Degenerative Disc Disease!! When I was told I had that I felt sick to my stomach. I knew...
Herniated Disc: Do You Have a Pinched Nerve or Disc Pain? What Next? by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty the disc space itself that hurts, but rather the disc herniation is pinching a nerve in the spine... back pain and/or leg pain), it is the disc space itself that is painful and the source of pain...
What is the difference between disc herniation and disc bulge in the lumbar spine ? by Dr B Doctor of Chiropracty causing the disc to bulge out of the confines of the disc space and project to some extent into the spinal...There is a difference between a disc herniation and a disc bulge. Both can be diagnosed by looking...
How Does Chiropractic Care Help Put The Disc Back In Place? by Dr B Doctor of Chiropracty in its best position. Aligning the spine helps the discs fall back in place. Having the spine in its best position... the nerves adequate space between the vertebrae as well as allowing the body to work like it should. Down...
Narrowing the educational gap between deaf and hearing children by Funny Old Life Healthy Living Professional According to the 2009 statistics from the Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID), 840 babies are born each year in the UK with significant deafness, and 20,000 children aged 0 to 15 years are moderately to profoundl

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Causes ... age-related condition that is caused by the degeneration of the discs and vertebrae in your neck. However, it can occasionally o ... » Read on
Causes ... potential causes of sciatica are explained below. Herniated disc A herniated disc is the most common identified cause of ... » Read on