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Ron Birkenhead, England, UK
Hi, I'm Ron, and I'm an ME/CFS survivor (so far anyway), 24 years and counting. I am, at the... More
Sherri G. Grand Island, New York
I believe in a totally fit existence.  Exercise,diet,good genes are not enough for... More
Dr. Shoshany New York City, New York
Dr. Shoshany is a recognized expert in the field of spinal rehabilitation and pain management.... More
prestigeharbor South Weber, Utah
Three kids, 18, 16 and 13, boyfriend, great family, two jobs, love to run, did my first half... More
Carlota Curitiba, BR
I'm a brazilian student of Environmental Engineer in love with cooking,baking, reading and vintage... More

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Bye, Bye Dimetapp- No more Kids Colds Medicines? by MC Milker Healthy Living Professional Just as we head into cough and cold season, major manufacturers have removed popular... about until our little ones are coughing and sneezing at 3:00 in the morning. Not all kids cold medicines...
No More Infant Cough and Cold Medicines – Now What? by MC Milker Healthy Living Professional , Manufacturers Remove Drugs for Infant Cold.A number of brands, but not all were voluntarily removed... with an infant when, the average baby gets 5 colds or more, runs high fevers and generally freaks out, even...
Coughs & Colds by Dr. Edward Leyton Medical DoctorHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Coughs & Colds The winter season makes us all more susceptible to coughs and colds. People often ask me what they can do to prevent coughs and colds during the winter -- here are some recommendations...
month.  I hope by now you have gone to see your doctor.  The typical length of a cold is 7 - 10 days... your question in the CFS forum, but cough is not a typical CFS symptom.  Your doctor can help to figure...
It sounds like you could be on your way to developing a cold.  The common symptoms of a cold are sore throat, congestion in the nose and sinuses and a runny nose and sneezing.  Hoarseness and cough
Hey Rebecca, Whatever the reason that is causing you itch in your heart-I do not know. Have you consulted with your family physician? Do that first. After that you can practice daily : Nadi Shodhana or Anulom-Vilom Pranay
Cough, cough - get back here lung! by Gabriela R. Health Maven This time I picked up a cold somehow.... probably from my kids, they are wonderful at bringing... for these type of yuckies. I've been dealing with a cough that I seriously think is trying to expel a lung from my body...
The cough & cold conundrum - Should they stay home? by meta-DAD Patient Expert on the F.D.A. to clear over the counter cough & cold medicines from the shelves, what are we left to do when un... Now | When to Keep Kids Home meta-DAD | Wash your hands meta-DAD | How cough and cold medicine can adversely affect...
Homeopathic Remedies To Treat Colds, Coughs and Flu by Sanjib S. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine   Homeopathy is seen by many to be very effective in fighting the colds, coughs and flu... the cold, cough and flu.  Find the remedies that match closest to the symptoms that you are experencing...

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Causes ... as, strenuous exercise, alcohol, hot baths, cold weather, spicy foods, humidity, caffeine, ... » Read on
Risks ... Tuberculosis is spread in a similar way to a common cold; by coughing and sneezing. However, it is much more difficu ... » Read on