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SunshineKlein Newport Beach, California
I can still remember how my mother persistently taught me these two things: to read and to... More
KarenBentley Center Harbor, New Hampshire
Karen Bentley writes about the mind-body-heart-spirit connction. She's an author, a book/movie... More
Alex Ong - Villa Park, Illinois
Tragedy Turns Ex-Fatty Boy/ Fatty into Bruce Lee of Wellness - Beginning at age six, 'Fatty... More
Kds California
I am a Speech Language Pathologist. I work for the Anchorage School District.  I work... More
Vicky S. London, UK
I write an eating disorder recovery blog; my own personal journey for health and to share what I... More

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Writing helped me to overcome the diagnosis of hearing loss by DeafBlog Patient Expert . 7th October 2008 was when Liz’s Deaf Blog was born. I found by writing my blog it helped to ease my frustrations I had in my life. Then I realised that what I was writing could help others like me, knowing...
Aphasia sufferer writes of his struggle by Robert D. M. Patient Expert the characters, and he could not remember how to write them at all. Difficulties with numbers compounded...
learning disabilities: writing by adhdmomma Patient Expert It is so hard for me to understand having a difficulty writing. I am a writer after all (self... to try to solve my kiddo's problem. Here's what I found: Expressive writing difficulty is part of the inadequate...
The very thought of writing a song defeats her. by Douglas E. Patient ExpertFacebook for a gallery opening. But Apple spoke about “the old story that you have all these years to write your first album, and just six months to write the second one. Well, you don’t just have six months...
The Letter to Your Donor Family. The Most Important Thank You Note You Will Ever Write by Bob Aronson Patient Expert By Bob Aronson One of our most popular blogs is “ The letter – how to write to your donor family.”
Funding difficulties persist for NY State Early Intervention Program by Chris Alterio Occupational Therapist -Union, David Smith writes that the solution involves increased federal allocation of Medicaid dollars. What he doesn't write is that without increased federal allocation the state will simply cut their own Medicaid...
The Difficulty of Finding a Good Experiment to Do by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy like thinking: Now I can write. Soon I will be writing stuff that the world wants to read! Okay...
12 Year Old Jordan Writes on Being Deaf by Jodi Cutler Del Dottore Patient ExpertHealth Maven Jordan's Essay (translated from Italian to English) for a writing competition with the title..., Giulia, helped me a lot in class when I had difficulty understanding the other teachers. The kids...
Kids labelled as lazy may have learning difficulties by Kathy J. Patient Expert difficulties that could underlie their apparent lack of motivation, a study by Queensland University... strengths and weaknesses, and basic reading, spelling, reading comprehension, writing and mathematics...
PalmtreeChick, I didn't write ab... by Dr. Johanna Marie McShane Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven PalmtreeChick, I didn't write about the grief involved in the recovery process to be discouraging..., and its challenges and difficulties pale in comparison to what someone gets to have in recovery. I mostly wrote...

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Complications ... lty wearing shoes, and walking. In fingernails this could cause difficulty writing, for example. If the infect ... » Read on
Symptoms ... ptoms include: a delay, or difficulty, in developing clear speech, mix ... » Read on