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dcepiano13 California
I am twenty two years old. I recently had to move back with my foster mom.  I lost my job a... More
Askerstims California
Diet Green Coffee gives one a fantabulous start with Diet Green Coffee Bean Extract Review . Let's... More
rosieveg Maple Ridge, CA
I am 98% Vegan I eat cheese once in a blue moon,(no Rennet ) " I DON'T MEAT MY FORK... More
Inspire San Anselmo, California
Mark Susnow, Wise coach, Visionary Thinker and Inspirational Speaker, inspires others to... More
I'm 54 years old diagnosed two years ago with MS although I think unofficially I've had it much... More

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Weight Loss Difficulties Because of How You Think by Doctor of Philosophy like this might cause you difficulty losing weight? Stinking thinking. It has its effects.   ... your unwanted weight is also about thinking. Check it out and see if this is true for you. Here are a number...
Diet-think versus Health-think by eatnormalnow Healthy Living Professional One of the reasons clients have difficulty eating nutritious food is that it feels as if they’re dieting. Instead of thinking, “Hey, this is a yummy, healthful food for me to nourish my body...
that they are having difficulty meditating.   While researching/writing a book called "Prayer, Faith and Healing" in the mid-90s... of thinking. And boredom can also be your friend. If the above advice seems too difficult, consider guided...
Swallowing Disorder: More Common Than You Think by Francine H. Patient ExpertHealth Maven . It seems that during his illness, he lost it.   Swallowing is a lot more complicated than you think, and if your body gets weak.... I’ve tried this; it’s harder than you think.   After that, you open your mouth and make a high...
Think Big? Think Small? by Dr. Mark Frisse Medical Doctor ) and Stewart Butler (Heritage Foundation). Emanuel's position is entited "Think Big" while Butler's is entitled "Think Small." The articles are a wonderful, cross-referenced exposition of this critical issue...
Transforming Life’s Difficulties into Positive Energy by Inspire Healthy Living Professional Many of us struggle with ways of thinking that limit what’s possible in our lives... their thoughts. So often we judge what is going on in our lives. We think this is good or this is bad...
I think almost everyone knows th ... by John M. Patient Expert I think almost everyone knows that it is important to have a budget.  There are two major difficulties that adults with ADD have when preparing a budget. How to structure a budget, and the fear...
Thinking Beyond Language: Intervention for Severe Aphasia by Robert D. M. Patient Expert Nina Simmons-Mackie Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders, Southeastern Louisiana University Hammond, LA Purpose: This article addresses several intervention approaches that aim to improve life for individu
First things first.  If you're having difficulty breathing as if there's a brick on your chest..., it's the big one!".  Too often, women only report feeling tired or having difficulty getting a good...
. Thank you once again.   I think you should have your dog examined by your veterinarian... done. Similarly, if she acted up during bathing, they may have had difficulty rinsing her thoroughly and even...

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Causes ... result of some unidentified underlying psychological trauma, or difficulty, that makes people think they are experiencing pain. ... » Read on
Introduction ... a. However, most experts agree that people with dyslexia have a difficulty making a connection between written words and letters ... » Read on