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pjroot San Jose, California
I have chronic Lyme and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also known as CFIDS and ME).  I was... More
Love Healthy Living California
I'm a graduate student in Public Health Nutrition. Don't worry, I'm not the diet police. In fact,... More
TDenis California
I'm a writer, editor and a Christian. I am interested in health issues because of some of my own... More
Stella Chua Petaling Jaya, MY
I'm on a mission to change people's live. One person at a time. Providing Free Weight Loss Diet... More
Lindsay W. New York, New York

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The K-E Diet: Latest Fad Diet Casts Shadow on Low Carb Diets by Vickie Patient Expert this morning to her latest diet article. This article deals with the latest trend being marketed to brides: the K-E Diet. Now, we know that low carb diets in general are not new, and we know...
Diets, Diets....Everywhere A Diet by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional an article about leading diet plans on the market today. The article discussed the pros and cons of about 25 different diet plans. Some of them were pretty solid and some were a little wacky. Of course, each diet...
Strong Warnings For Diet Books, Diet Aids, and Diet Programs by Doctor of Philosophy to simply ignore the warnings. What if such warning were required for diet books and diet aids and diet programs? They might read something like this — Most people can’t stick to a diet, no matter what diet...
Woman’s World Ignorantly Promotes Vegan Imposter ‘Eco-Atkins’ Diet As A ‘Safe, Healthy New Turbo Atkins’ Diet by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional what has been done to the original Atkins low-carb approach by a very aggressive group pushing a vegan-styled diet they call “Eco... of Internal Medicine allegedly found that a plant-based lower-carb, low-calorie diet was a much better option...
Diets don't work long term:  95-98% of people who diet and lose weight, regain it and 90% regain... to attaining and maintaining a healthy weight.  Visit my website at A smart diet can always start by changing...
You don't have to cut out diet coke at all but make sure you are not drinking it because you want the sweet taste. If that is the case, you are probably suffering from lack of carbohydrates in your diet...
CBC-TV's 'My Big, Fat Diet' Puts A High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet On Full Display by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional Can it REALLY be? A television show about a low-carb diet? YEP! With popular weight loss... about the new Canadian show called "My Big, Fat Diet" which premiered on the CBC on Tuesday night at 10pm? Oh...
I bought Phentermine from and I recommend this website.. Phentermine helped me loose a lot of body fat in a very short time I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Phentermine) I received th
Top 10 Dumbest Fad Diets | Diet Reviews by Matt C. Patient Expert We Take a Look at the Most Popular Fad Diets of the Past 30 Years and Pick The Top 10 Dumbest Fad Diets to Ever Be Unleashed on Dieters.  The Fad Diet. Nothing exemplifies the American...
No Food Diet, Don’t Eat Your Desk Diet by Israel L. Patient ExpertHealth Maven I found a new diet that I think I’m going to try. Check it out. It’s supposed to work wonders.... You may develop a serious case of pica. Diet Book Author Advocates New ‘No Food Diet’ This is an article...

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