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ecarlyle84 Greenwood, Massachusetts
“Race till I die”. Maybe this would be my motto when I grow old; I’m a car... More
jodigirl Naperville, Illinois
I am an attorney who was brought into the field of patient empowerment through no fault of my... More
I am a 30 year old mother and wife.  My Husband and I have been together for over ten... More
I began writing my blog just before my mother died of glioblastoma, a terminal form of brain... More
Christine from WI Green Bay, Wisconsin
About 5 years ago I started having headaches when I would lie down that mysteriously... More

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Die, die, die, my darling by LunaNik Patient Expert Have you ever seriously contemplated murdering your spouse? I haven't...until today. I think strangling him would work nicely. No...poison...poison would be better. He's too strong for me to stran
Dying with dignity –sometimes dying at home isn't a good choice by Jennifer J. Patient Expert With all I have seen, all my client experience, I have come to the conclusion that dying..., this is the case. You can read many obituaries that state such, 'died peacefully at home...
TRY TO DIE LIVING NOT LIVE DYING by TRIGUYJT Patient Expert . Arthur had a quote I love. "I'd rather die living, than live dying" I think that sums... on Daryl Kollai, who at age 53 last year died on a training bike workout. Live your life to the edge...
Grace Lee Won Right to Die but Dies from Non-deliberate Cause by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy Grace Lee, who had a very public court battle , in October, with her parents over her right to die, has died , apparently due to a ventilator malfunction.
Bulgaria's Dying Black Sea and The Fish Dying In It by NatashaCall Patient ExpertFacebook Fish Increasingly Extinct in Bulgaria's Dying Black SeaEnvironment | May 21, 2010, Friday Half of the 80 species of fish in the Black Sea have become extinct as a result of pollution. Photo...
Pay Up or Die! No Money No TransplantMay 21, 2008 I’m angry!!!.  Many of our citizens are sick and dying b by Bob Aronson Patient Expert I’m angry!!!.  Many of our citizens are sick and dying because they can’t afford healthcare... of people needing transplants have died because they could not pay for the procedure.   Many of these good...
SHS in the Telegraph:"Right to Die Can Become Duty to Die" by Wesley J. Smith Patient Expert --among other "suicide tourism" deaths--as reasons to legalize in the UK on the premise that people who want to die...
I Died on August 21st 2013, but I am back. How did I die? Unboxing my new Wrist / Ankle weights, got my teeth fixed (again), Com by Strapples Patient Expert and DIED. Yes you heard me, I DIED the 21st. 5:30 AM Now comes the scary part pieced together from dad..., and medical vehicles to fill up our whole street, clearly everyone on the street knew I DIED or...
More veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have died by their own hand than died from enemy fire by Jason S. Patient Expert have died by their own hand than died from enemy fire. The shocking statistic comes straight...
Only a Third Who Express a Preference to Die at Home, Actually Die at Home by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy There is a well-known discrepancy between people's preferences to die at home and their likelihood to actually die at home.  This has already been measured several times.  Now, there is additional...

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Introduction ... r symptoms. If amoebiasis becomes severe it is known as amoebic dysentery. Rarely (in about 1% of cases), E. histolytica can spr ... » Read on
Introduction ... ere is no chance of anyone recovering once their brain stem has died. This is because all of the core functions of the body have ... » Read on