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diaphragm contraceptive membersMembers related to diaphragm contraceptive

shanelle California
im shanelle mdgrigal 31 years old having a 3 kids right now my eldest is 11 years old and my 2nd... More
Dr Nicoll New York
I am a board-eligible Obstetrician and Gynecologist living and working in New York City. I provide... More
Autism Momma California
Occupation: Training Developer/Writer Education: B.A. English My meandering road through... More
jessmith Puyallup, Washington
Roger and Jesse Smith welcomed Lukas Scott into our lives in January of 2007. He came into this... More
Terri Burlington, Iowa
Ava~Hope for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. I am passionate about teaching parents how to... More

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Diaphragms by findingeve Patient Expert Diaphragms are a popular type of contraception that consist of a sheath of silicone or latex... the uterus.  Having discussed with many women my age various types of contraception, the diaphragm...
Post-pregnancy Contraception by HealthyPregnancy .. . SUZANNE LaJOIE, MD: My recommendation is that women don't rely on that for contraception... that couples have for contraception after childbirth fall into four categories: hormonal methods, barrier...
The Pill: What You Need to Know About Oral Contraception by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional a revolution in reproductive planning. It was the first convenient contraception choice over which women... (and other hormonal) contraception over the years. (Allow me to focus on oral contraceptives today...
Contraceptive Ring – Overview & Benefits by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert ". Disappearing, that is. Throughout history, contraceptives have been used by women so as to prevent a life... in the process. Which brings us to the topic of the all-important contraceptive (formally referred...
The Contraceptive Ring: So much for "the birds and the bees"… by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert through an unwanted pregnancy. Contraceptives While the male condom has been largely in use as one solution to the issue of unprotected sex, alternatives such as contraceptives (in different forms) that women...
Contraceptive Ring – Benefits & Side Effects of the NuvaRing by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert such as the cervical cap, the hormonal patch, the "pill", injections and implants to the diaphragm yet the one... device. Contraceptive Ring (the NuvaRing®) – Benefits and Side Effects Right off the bat...
May I strongly suggest you see a doctor who specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement? Low libido is very common in menopausal aged women. It's due largely because your hormones are rapidly falling off. Bio-identical
if a  normal unmedicated cycle for you is 28 days then the days you say you had unprotected sex wouldn't result in pregnancy. If you had a delayed ovulation then you may have caught your fertile window and it is just too e
First, postinor 2 shouldn't be used as regular contraceptive.  It is a high level of hormones and used regularly can really mess  up your system.   I would suggest talking to your physican about what options...
the quickest, effective-day-one contraception would actually be the depo provera shot.    No need for a body adjustment or special procedures and you only need one shot every three months.

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