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Steven California
I m a fun loving person. I like trying out new things. I enjoy going on an adventurous trip with... More
ben California
 i   don,t have a picture at this time, i am 61 and have been disable since 1995... More
lisapenn California
Expert writer about relationships and marriage, from personal experience...Passionate about... More
Greg B. San Francisco, California
Building oneâ?'s confidence through physical endeavors leads to improvement in other areas... More
Dr. Michael Berry California
Dr. Michael Berry is one of the most well known chiropractors in Orange, California under whose... More

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Role of Individuals in Determining the Future of Personal Health Records by Christina Thielst Patient ExpertHealth Maven David Lansky, Senior Director for Health Programs and Executive Director of the Personal Health... for download in mp3 format.) In the interview he emphasized the role of individuals in determining the future...
Did You Know Your Personality Can Determine Whether or Not You Successfully Reduce Your Weight by Doctor of Philosophy Are you aware of how your personality affects your thoughts and actions while you are working... over the outcome of your efforts. Who you are is probably the most critical variable in your very personal weight...
The Other Person Determines What's "Fair" by Steve Roesler Patient Expert , and everything looks mismanaged."   What's Fair? "Fair" is, and always will be, determined by one's own situation, sense of (or lack of) personal responsibility, worldview, and values. I just came from a meeting...
you so very much for being there. Sad2Life First, I would talk to your doctor about the surgery and determine...
The Sudden Loss of My Morning Person Personality by Rachel Wilkerson Healthy Living Professional ago, determined to get my morning person personality back, I decided I was going to start going..., but it’s there: I’ve lost my morning person personality. I have been a morning person for several years...
George Church Harvard Scientist Discusses the World of the Personal Genome Project – The Basis for Personalized Medicine f by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven on how the world of personalized medicine is growing, based on the PGP (Personal Genome Project) from it’s start... utilized with healthcare. Back on topic here with George Church, here we have a person...
Patient Determination by Christina Thielst Patient ExpertHealth Maven I've always been a very big advocate for patients taking more responsibility and being actively involved in decisions about their health care and treatment. Yes, we all respect the recommendations of our healthcare provider
Another Way to Determine Your Focus by Denise Portis Patient ExpertFacebook -evaluate my priorities. A good way to discover what our focus is, would be to determine how much time.... Learning to live in a silent world can be overwhelming. These folks make a difference – one person...
Genes Help Determine How An Individual Benefits from Exercise by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven and the next person right around the same ageweightetc. not get the same results.  Perhaps this is the next step... somedaywe can look forward to personalized workoutswe have those nowbut they too could become scientific...
FDA Approves Genetic Test To Help Patients and Doctors Determine If Erbitux Would Be an Effective Treatment For Colorectal Cance by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven (CRC) patients and their doctors determine if the drug Erbitux (cetuximab) would be an effective...

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Problems ... t be in the 'best interest' of the patient. Firstly, it must be determined whether the person has previously expressed any opini ... » Read on
Why it should be done ... unconscious (in a coma). In this situation, an EEG can help to determine whether that person has reversible brain damage which ... » Read on