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Dermatologist Said Nerve Endings Cause Rash Itching

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You could have contracted scabies, it appears ususally on feet and hands I would contact a could have contacted a parasite or have a food allergy....if you are using anything new...
Itching, can't see anything? by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor Itching can be caused by nerve damage associated with diabetes or lack of vitamin B12, skin... itches, the usually cause is scabies, a disease caused by a parasite that burrows into your skin...
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Don't Be Rash (PSA) by Katie Patient Expert , I had a fine, red, bumpy rash that itched more than anything I have ever experienced. And as the patches crept... of a virus, though no one has isolated the exact cause. I was a textbook case of this skin rash...
My Laundry Detergent Is Making Me Itch!! by Fran K. Patient Expert I’ve finally figured out what has been causing my skin rash!! I’ve had itchy skin on my stomach... if that was it. But in the end the answer was really quite simple – my rash is a reaction to my laundry detergent. I typically...
You should call the doc and see if you have an infection
The Lupus Butterfly Rash or Malar Rash: Information You Need to Know. by Molly Patient Expert of the root causes behind malar or butterfly rash.          Overexposure to harmful rays of the sun also causes butterfly or malar rash, especially to those who have extreme photosensitivity...
?  Seriously!   As you can see, lots of things can cause loss of nerve endings on your toes & balls of your feet.  As physicians... Yes?  I assume you want to know why.   Drugs can cause this.  Any new medications added...
pubic skin and hair and cause intense itching. Trauma or injury: Trauma most often refers to serious...There are 7 conditions associated with bruising or discoloration, itching or burning and vaginal...
Please consult a dermatologist or other health care practitioner of your choosing. Yoga teachers do not diagnose.

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Treatment ... em. They may also help to reduce the amount of fluid around any nerve fiber damage. As steroids may cause long-term side ef ... » Read on
Side effects ... peripheral neuropathy (loss of sensation or pain in the nerve endings of the hands and feet), skin ... » Read on