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Himachal to be open defecation free by 2010: CM by Dr. J. Mariano Anto Bruno M. Medical Doctor Shimla: Calling every citizen to actively involve in achieving total sanitation, the Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal announced that the state will be open defecation free (ODF...
If It Makes You Defecate on the Side of the Road, Maybe You Shouldn’t Do It! by Kathy .. Healthy Living Professional and then: “You know, if something makes you defecate on the side of the road, maybe you shouldn’t be doing...
Do you have to strain to defecate? by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert by Manja Toxins and poisonous substances are all over in our modern society. These toxins build up in our bodies over time. Toxins and waste build up in your colon just like they do in the pipes of your home. Both demand sp
Give her an enema 1. Fiber, at least 30mg. The downside to fiber at first is that it may cause excessive bloating and gas in those not used to it. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are great sources. Next:  2. Good Eart
How To Get Rid Of Constipation Naturally by Len S. Patient Expert Constipation Help designed by Virginia Sturm is the latest program that covers remedies for treating dyschezia naturally and effectively. A full review on the site indicates if Constipation Help is
Getting Constipated and Having Bad Breath with Atkins by Swati S. Some people who have tried Atkins say that they get constipated, and what is worse, have a bad breath. I came across an article that mentioned how to avoid this. Drink Lots of water. Chew on Parsley Clean your teeth
Constipation isn't common in dogs so you want to make sure she really is constipated. Diarrhea, which is much more common, will also cause a dog to strain and if that's her problem, treating her for constipation will make th
Dealing with Constipation While Potty Training by Karen .. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven We finally got our constipated two and a half year old daughter in to see the pediatric GI specialist, and received a prescription for a laxative. Now the poop is soft and no longer painful for her, but she still tries to ho
Those are all good questions.  If the mineral oil and stool softeners haven't helped in 24-48 hours, you need to have the dog rechecked.  Perhaps a series of enemas will help the constipation.  Your veterinarian should also
Natural Cure for Hemorrhoids by Lucy J. Patient Expert is brought by large and dry bowel resulting to intense pushing (or straining) during defecation. The intense...

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