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Marian Van Eyk McCain is the author of 'Transformation through Menopause '(Bergin & Garvey... More
Thereinson California
Yes, defy your wrinkles and other aging signs easily and effectively! Derma Juvenate Wrinkle... More
deeptyagi Noida, IN
Krishna Flat Rock, Michigan
I am a vegetarian since birth. I love Yoga, meditation, deep breathing and Nature. I love... More
Sarah Reed London, UK
My deep interest and long experience with older people, reminiscence and dementia resulted in... More

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Deep Introspection by Carmen Patient Expert In other words, yet more navel gazing from me. That I first typed as NAVAL.... :) Enough about me and my navel gazing introspection. It's just a kind of oddity about my life...
Deep Introspection by Flo H. Patient Expert Or your basic navel gazing, whatever. But I have been indulging in it and I think it may be good. I just took Bella to the beach. This is a Saturday morning thing that she loves and I love...
Deep Breathing With Paul (Podcast) by Paul Patient Expert and concentrate on deep breathing while your scrolling up and down on your computer.  Here is a brief recap... and out through your mouth. Rub your hands together to create mild friction and heat. Place one hand over your navel...
No Nore Navel Gazing (Or, How Happiness is a Pink Marshmallow) by Lynn Bering Healthy Living Professional address. I only copied the section I wanted to post here: Happiness Barrier No. 6: Navel-gazing... networks, like a virus. Unfortunately, many people spend so much time by themselves navel gazing...
While anxiety may be a component of your symptoms to a greater or lesser degree, the many potential physical causes need to be ruled out first. Please consult your doctor. Best wishes Ian
Deep Knee Bends And Deep Knee Bend Jumps Improve Vertical Jumps by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional Deep knee bends and deep knee bend jumps will help improve your vertical jump height.....also, the fastest players often have the highest vertical leaps. Deep knee bends will strengthen your knees...
Deep Frying, Deep Trouble by Lucky V. Patient Expert health issues if you are eating it regularly. Deep-frying does not make food excessively greasy... are excellent choices for cooking. And don’t forget about the environment. Deep frying produces large amounts...
When in danger, when in doubt, just remember – deep breath in, deep breath out by Bronwyn T. Occupational Therapist It was a physio who first chanted that wee slogan at me some ten years ago… for a physio, he wasn’t bad at all! Come to think of it, I have worked with some great physiotherapists (please don’t let them know!).  An
Deep Thoughts and Deep Breathing and Letting Go by Carmen Patient Expert This has been the summer that I've let my big kids go. My son went to Europe with my mom - and we all know the experiences that they went through there! - one daughter flew to Texas to visit my dad - and sh
you sometimes under breath occasionally and the deep breath rectifies this, or it would a behavior you've unconsciously...

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