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I am a loving single Mom of six beautiful children.I have a simple eye when it comes to material... More
Dyoder Elkhart, Indiana
The Centre for Muscle Therapy provides therapeutic massage services for chronic pain and injury... More
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I am a lover of all things in life that carry beauty and integrity. For me the things I love about... More
Dale K. South, Florida
I have always been an advocate of healthy eating. Five years ago, after having a serious problem... More
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I run a health site promoting the most cutting edge dicoveries in anti aging from around the world... More

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Wake Forest Baptist Hospital to Eliminate 950 Jobs–Cuts In Federal Research Funding Cited As Well As Deep Cuts in Medicare by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven . He also said 2012-13 revenue is being affected by "deep cuts in Medicare and Medicaid payments, which constitute.... Over in California we have 114 jobs being cut at Memorial in Modesto.   Over the weekend Kaiser Permanente announced...
CMS proposes deep cuts to Medicare for imaging fees by Action for Better Healthcare Patient Expert to Medicare that could result in deep cuts when it comes to certain imaging fees. Here is part of that report... that it considers undervalued. The latest imaging cut proposal prompted a strong reaction from radiologists...
Infertility cuts deep by Kami Patient Expert A more lighthearted title might be, "Maybe I'm not a freak after all." I am referring to my recent trip disappointment. I am very touched by everyone's understanding. Leah even called me from Guatemala (Leah is adopting
Teens Cutting: 5 Things to Know About Teens Who Cut Themselves by Vanessa Van Petten Patient Expert issue and mistakes, cuts to deep, infection and not to mention the psychological damage it can do means... Cutting has been around a long time and it seems to be a topic no one talks...
Statins cut risk of DVT ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Statins cut risk of DVT Sitting still for extended periods during long-haul flights can cause... condition deep vein thrombosis by more than half.” These results come from research into use cholesterol...
Spicy Diamond Cuts by Niyaprakash Patient Expert Spicy Diamond Cuts or Ronti / Tukdi A deep fried evening snack !!! Makes: 140 g Ingredients Please use same measuring cup to measure flour and water. 1 cup  / 200...
Sounds like you might have cut a tendon!  How deep was the cut?  Did it require stitches?  Control....  So it sounds like you might have cut one or two.  Or had it stitched accidently while closing the cut.  Go see...
Been Trying to Get Back to You. Now I Gotta Go Somewhere Else? by patientanonymous Patient ExpertHealth Maven . My brain’s had it.  I actually did a cutting tonight (AFTER HOW LONG OF NOT DOING ONE?!?!?!) It’s a subcu and too deep for me to stitch so I’m totally fucked right off the bat there.  And don’t bitch about my suturing...
My Journey with DBS: Deep Brain Stimulation by Sherri W. Patient ExpertHealth Maven who had the Deep Brain Stimulation who had their medication intake reduced up to fifty percent or more.  I liked..., were now being controlled without them (or as many of them). Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a surgical procedure...
Deep Ecology Misanthropy Moving Into Mainstream Environmentalism by Wesley J. Smith Patient Expert Deep Ecology is a neo earth religion, the ideology of which holds that nature should be given equal... exceptionalism led adherents into a profound nihilism and anti-humanism in which deep ecologists yearn...

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Introduction ... nless they become infected, or cause an unwelcome visible scar. Deeper cuts may damage importantstructuresbelow the skin, such a ... » Read on
Symptoms ... knees and elbows, it may take longer to heal. Depending on how deep the cut is, and what part of your body is affected, a small ... » Read on