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I'm Tia. I like dancing in the rain, taking long walks, reading. I like to enjoy life as it goes... More
Liz Janill California
Hi, my name is Liz. I am a Special Ed. teacher in Texas. I previously taught 5th grade Math for... More
Gotta Dance Atlanta A. Atlanta, Georgia
Gotta Dance Atlanta's new 9,000 square foot facility features an engaging space design reflective... More
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Hi I m Kenneth. I stay in california. I love music. I enjoy hanging out with friends and to be... More
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I've been piecing it together on my own since late last summer, when I learned three things:... More

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Death by Hanging by Dr. Richard Keller Medical Doctor conversations; some of my conversations take strange turns): Hanging, and most strangulation, deaths... compression is the most “efficient” for causing death and most often the case in hanging deaths. Based...
The king is dead, long live the … oh, hang on a minute… by Ron Patient Expert So Jean Todt is elected, president of the FIA. No surprise there, as anyone who can read a newspaper will know about Mosley’s industrious machinations on Todt’s behalf. And not even particularly secretly, which shows what
Yea, Though I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death……. by Magnolia Miller Healthy Living Professional sugar problems.  In addition, quinoa will literally hang with you all day long.  It  provides a good... is already hanging out there) rising up and lifting your arms above your head.  As you exhale, make sure it’s...
Statins for healthy people? Hang on a minute… by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor are narrowed a little, the results are less impressive. For example, when we look at risk of death... of death by 9 per cent over a 5-year period. Again, this might sound like a positive finding...
Death & Dying ~ PART 1 of 2 (*Warning: Contains Sensitive Material) by Hope Despite Depression Patient ExpertHealth Maven me (I'll get into that in a bit). I don't know why I have had to deal with so many deaths... of deaths - a number that even my therapist thinks is unusual.  I remember the session...
Suicide: Top 10 Cause of Death in U.S Men by k Patient Expert The news of David Carradine’s death ( David Carradine Dead From Apparent Suicide ) might have not registered with me had I not read of his cause of death, reportedly by hanging. That’s how my brother took...
Mental patient deaths due to understaffing, says report - Article by Untreatable .. Patient Expert . The Mental Health Act Commission claims many more patient deaths will occur through inadequate staffing..., leading to tragedies half-concealed by "falsification" of nursing records. "One patient found hanging...
More Hanging Out at the Summer Ultras by Rock G. Patient Expert 50-mile. BR is the RD for the Bataan102 Ultra, a race commemorating the Bataan Death March where 75,000 American and Filipino POWs were forced marched to prison camps. The race is on the original death march...
Death's door by Stuart G. Patient Expert , sticky aroma that hangs around the terminally ill; the smell of death. You can’t detect it during a resus... conditions options like this don’t hang around. I think he fancied one of the crew too. My last call...
Follow-Up To Lew's Death..... by Bo .. Patient Expert to get them back.) Anyway, we all thee nurses took his death very hard. One good buddy in the comments section..." my balcony somewhat nicely. But one of my particular hanging pot of "impatiens" flowers (which, bless...

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