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Deaf Person Alarm Clock

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Paul Ashton London, UK
Hi I am 47 years old I come from  the city of Manchester but now live in London I was... More
Stephen B. Sun City West, Arizona
SGB Media Group was formed in 2006 by bass industry pundit Steve "Dude" Barr and is the... More
Hugh massena, New York
32 yr old. male. live in upstate NY.
nikkie31680 vancouver, Washington
I'm a 30 year old female with 2 boys tristen age 10 and colby age 6 (with down syndrome) I have... More

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Smoke Alarm Designed for the Hearing Impaired by Danielle N. Patient Expert for EMERGENCIES! Click Here It is about a person who didn't have smoke alarm. Didnt realize there was a FIRE.... I hope you all PURCHASE this detector! For those of you that want to purchase this LIFETONE alarm clock...
Deaf mum from Halliwell ‘couldn’t hear smoke alarms by DeafBlog Patient Expert , and they are urging other deaf people to get in touch and take advantage of the special alarms..., we mentioned to them that I was deaf and they immediately offered to fit a special smoke alarm...
Jenny Moir, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People by DeafBlog Patient Expert , when their hearing dog springs into action after hearing the alarm clock. This is just one of a variety of household..., we will take dogs from rescue centres meaning that not only does the deaf person’s life change but the dog’s life...
10-Mile Group Run (Running Clinic): Cyberpenguins Waddle Much Faster in the Morning When Their Alarm Clocks Don't Go Off :) by Corey I. Patient Expert up changing the alarm time to 5:20 am instead. ;-) Had I actually gotten up on time, that would've meant only getting about 3-3.3 hours sleep. Ugh. Thankfully, or perhaps not so thankfully, my alarm failed...
Donation helps Hearing Dogs for Deaf People spread the word by DeafBlog Patient Expert in their awareness of sounds such as alarm clocks, doorbells, crying babies and smoke alarms. Hearing dogs can offer... Hearing Dogs for Deaf People has welcomed a donation of more than £40 000 from Qualcomm...
My new alarm clock. (Appt. update-all good!) by Karma Patient Expert buzzer, and my personal fave, nature sounds. The nature sounds... Now some of you may be wondering what my new alarm clock has to do with baby girl Brown...
An Excellent Vibrating Alarm Clock by Robyn C. Patient Expert . Now if I had this as an alarm clock, I doubt whether I would ever sleep in again. Not sure the cat would like it though. I can easily see this as a huge seller within the Deaf Community.
Shopping for an Alarm Clock by Rachel C. Patient Expert While we enjoy the world of sounds during waking hours with our cochlear implant(s), we are deaf when you are sleeping.  Cochlear implant recipients are faced with the issue of waking up in the mornings [...]
A Christmas present that changed a deaf man’s life by DeafBlog Patient Expert , she also alerts him to sounds and danger signals such as the alarm clock, doorbell, mobile text messages and smoke... such as the alarm clock, doorbell, mobile text messages and smoke alarm. Ken explains: “Zoe...
Petplan donates £10,000 to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People by DeafBlog Patient Expert their deaf owner to everyday sounds such as the alarm clock, door bell, cooker timer and smoke alarm or fire... To support Hearing Dogs for Deaf People's invaluable work, The Petplan Charitable Trust (PPCT...

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Introduction Deafblindness is a term that describes a number of conditions in ... » Read on
Treatment ... d for those who care for them. The Royal National Institute for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People also has a dedicated section for ... » Read on