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Bob Gray S. King, North Carolina
All of what I call my profile makes a 4. I practice ARITHMANCY DIVINATION. We use the number... More
Jenn M. staten island, New York
islanders671 Dededo, GU
Liz Riverside, Rhode Island
wife, {working} mother, sister, friend, obsessive blogger, social media addict. I have many roles... More

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adrift in seaside daydreams by Donna Peach Patient Expert pelican dives for / treats breaking the glassy calm / Pacific Ocean ♦ island beckoning / secrets to be found by those / who seek to wonder ♦ ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦   ♦ 5 6 7...
Day-dreaming again: Bushara Island Camp. by Kelly A. Medical Student This is a little camp on Bushara Island, in Lake Bunyonyi, southwestern Uganda (near Kabale... in the area. This was our 'tent', which looked out over a wandering lake dotted with tiny islands...
The ADHD Islands by adhdmomma Patient Expert that can come about during the rough times. Smiles, Everyone, Smiles! On Fantasy Island, it’s all about escape. You sit around and daydream that all of this will be removed from your life and your family finally be “normal.” I put “normal...
Let’s Play Desert Island by Marlow Patient Expert a deserted resort island, because there’s electricity. No I am not roughing it in my daydreams...   …not to be confused with Dessert Island (which would be awesome!!) I was watching...
British Man Wins Island Dream Job - What’s Yours? by Kim Wolinski, MSW "Dr. DeClutter" Healthy Living Professional : Picture by Queensland Tourism: Ben Southall, 34, right, is seen on Daydream Island in Queensland... Southall from the United Kingdom had a great day May 6th. He was named Caretaker of the Islands...
From Heat Island to Eat Island by Pattie B. Patient Expert ). But we have bigger heat problems here, caused by us . Atlanta is a "heat island," like many urbans areas... to the extension of this heat island in all directions. The result is violent thunderstorms with fire-causing...
Island Delights Volutarily Recalls Island Delights Coconut Haystack Candy Due to Undeclared Milk by FDA Island Delights, Inc. today recalled 492 Bags of its Coconut Haystack Candy due to mislabeling and undeclared allergens. This was discovered during an audit from the Ohio Department of Agriculture on January
Have Your Kids Explored the Exciting Virtual World of Time Island This Summer? (GIVEAWAY) #TimeIsland by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook them over to Time Island ! In this virtual world, kids learn how to survive, play fun games, meet other kids from around the world, develop their own hut, and create tribes with their new island friends. In the meantime...
Be careful!. I know they mean well, but the suggestions to eat fat free cool whip and fat free pudding are not such great ideas. Fat-free does NOT mean calorie free. In fact, studies have shown that people who drink fat free
I don't live in California, so I wouldn't be able to answer this question for you exactly. However, I've taken long walks around the area I live in before and have later wanted to figure out just how far I traveled. You can d

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