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Dark Tongue

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Anything's possible, but I'd be surprised if it was.  It's not uncommon for dogs to have dark pigment in their mouths--roof of mouth, gums, and even tongue. Chows have all black mouths and tongues...
What to Look for When Choosing a High-Quality Dark Chocolate by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional of flavor that resounds on the tongue and deepens with every bite. Dark chocolate should be smooth, rich... of PrimalCon since the very beginning, donating boxes of dark chocolate coins for guests to enjoy. PrimalCon...
My Dirty Dark Chocolate Secret by Comfy Tummy Patient Expert . He does, however, allow chocolate as long as it is a quality dark chocolate with 85% or more cocoa content... of high quality 85% cocoa content dark chocolate. A typical meal on his diet includes a serving...
The tongue, by Sandi W. Patient Expert , which my tongue kept touching and feeling until I had a sore on it. The mild endodontist shaved off the point... husband) today to go to Fancy Hospital I saw a guy in a very dark suit, white shirt, red tie with diagonal...
Tongue-Tied by Ray .. Patient Expert . Those are measured monthly and my depression became so dark and debilitating in early June that I didn’t...
Journal 5/07/08- Dark Night of the Soul but Sunshine on the Other Side by Nadja Y. Patient Expert Journal 5/07/08- Dark Night of the Soul but Sunshine on the Other Side On Monday night/early..., dark mass of my bed. Eventually the pill took me but only for about four hours of haunted, nauseated...
Why You Should Eat and Drink High-Cacao Dark Chocolate by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional , what happens when the square of polyphenol-rich dark chocolate melts on the tongue, is swallowed, digested.... And the truth is that you should probably be eating dark chocolate on a semi-regular basis because the stuff...
Oskri Recalls “Coconut Bar Dark Chocolate”, “Coconut Bar Dark Chocolate Minis”, “Fig Dark Chocolat by FDA OSKRI Corp. of Lake Mills, WI is recalling “Coconut Bar Dark Chocolate”, “Coconut Bar Dark Chocolate Minis”, “Fig Dark Chocolate Bars” and “Almond Dark Chocolate Bars” because the dark chocolate
In the wintertime, bedrooms are filled with super dry air.  Overnight many people suffer from extreme dry mouth.  Dried oral tissue show up whiter than usual.  Try sipping water to rehydrate.  If this doesn't help, you have a
Darkness, Darkness On my wa ... by Sensationally Red Patient Expert Darkness, Darkness On my way to work I heard a song I literally had not heard since the summer... was a cover of the Young Bloods, "Darkness Darkness". It was the summer Neil Armstrong walked on the moon...

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