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Dark Brown Color

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I went to the Mayo Clinic's website. Here is what they say about dark brown or tea-colored urine..., and the rare hereditary disease tyrosinemia can turn urine dark brown. So can acute glomerulonephritis...
represents shedding of your uterine lining, so it makes sense that more flow is red and less is brown...
Depending upon the rate of menstrual flow, your blood (and blood tissue) can appear red (if fast) or brown (if slow).  The more time your body has to break up the blood, the slower the rate of flow...
Dark Brown Staining by Dr. Ellie Phillips to notice some dark brown staining just along the gum line (mostly on the backside of the teeth...
Thank you Meredy.... I just went to the dr this morning....  he says I have a minor infection in the stomach and gave me MORE ANTIBIOTICS and something for acid influx..... and to take lots of water and fiber..... lets see wh
before it's too late to save him. Your complete post didn’t come through for some reason, but dark brown mucous coming out of a warm dry nose does not sound good. That color could come from a combination...
Dear Caraa, Without more information, it's hard to tell if this is part of your menses or some other condition such as an infection. The only way to be sure is to see your health care practitioner. Good luck and let us kno
as long as it isn't red flow or pain associated with the discharge then I wouldn't worry too much about it at this point in time.  If you are still concerned then I am sure a phone consult with your physican or GYN would ease
before he "you know" inside.     OK, now that we've got that out of the way, that weird brown discharge..., the color & appearance of your menstrual cycle doesn't tell us much besides flow rate & duration.  Brighter...
Mary Kate Goes Dark by OnlyNatureBlog Patient Expert Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are loved for their pretty and well kept blonde locks, so when Mary Kate recently appeared with dark chocolate brown strands people took notice...

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