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Daily Calorie Guidelines

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How Many Calories in Your Daily Alcohol? by Dirk H. Patient Expert obesity epidemic. But one little-discussed fact about our daily calorie count is that Americans consume..., said that on a daily basis, about 33 % of men and 18% of women consume alcohol calories daily. Men, who drink...
Are Carbohydrates The #1 Health Menace? [Good Calories Bad Calories] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert spun by Gary Taubes in his game-changing tome Good Calories Bad Calories. Kinda like the Bible.... In this picture, is the piece of bread the "good calories" and the butter the "bad calories" or vice versa...
Calorie Facts & How to easily cut 100 calories a day by Tara B. Patient Expert Let’s start off with the basics… What is a calorie? A unit of energy. Excess energy or calories then will lead to body fat increase. So use up that energy either through a workout or...
Having My Say At The USDA About The 2010 Dietary Guidelines To Be Released In December by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional Last week I embarked on quite an adventurous journey that took me away from my daily routine..., this is all a very big deal and 2010 just happens to be the year when the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans is set...
White bread is not good for you, i.e. besides being just calories. I, too, love and crave bread... to have some. Enjoy! Losing weight is a matter of eating less calories than you burn, so in theory...
I agree with the alchemist but as long as you continue this regimen you will lose weight. At some point you will reach your weight goal and then stop. However realistically you may not be able to continue such a hard and dema
It really depends on your current height, weight, age, and activity level.  What is your current nutrition plan? Are you eating to lose weight, maintain, gain, or just to have a healthy diet? 
Top Ten Successful Healthy Eating Guidelines by Jayson H. Registered Dietician weight loss, just follow these ten simple healthy eating guidelines and you will be losing pounds... these healthy eating guidelines and you will be losing fat fast.  Here are my healthy eating guidelines...
2010 Dietary Guidelines Touted As Iron-Clad, But Totally Ignored Low-Carb Science by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional of all nutritional recommendations with the better-late-than-never 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans... Guidelines since 2005 and they might as well have not even bothered since nothing much changed to improve...
Low-Carb Experts Comment On 2010 Dietary Guidelines, Headed To Washington Next Week To Testify by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional , and more cardiovascular disease. My brother who was very lean, exercised daily, and followed the low-fat guidelines... of interest. One of the dietary recommendations is to allow 25% of daily calorie intake to come from sugars...

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