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In the management of CAD , cardiologists attack the lesion , surgeons avoid the lesion . . . who is the winner ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor . So , when we  are confronted  with  serious atherosclerotic lesions in a coronary artery... !   This  neither  confronts   the lesion   nor does it  address the initiating factors . It   just ignores  the lesion...
Guest Blog by CysticLady: Update on CysticGal II by CysticGal Patient Expert Tonight I got calls from CysticDad and CysticMommy saying that they are moving CysticGal to the ICU.  She's just not breathing very well.  She had some Solu-Medrol® at 6:00 PM.  I hope that helps her a lot...
CysticGal and CysticLady: Twinsies of Evening Wear by CysticGal Patient Expert I bet you all wonder what CysticGal and CysticLadydo with all their evening time . . .Well, here it is! Glamorous!CysticGal, toweley at the hospital. CysticLady, toweley at home.Goodnight! Spend your bloggy time
Guest Blog by CysticLady: Update on CysticGal by CysticGal Patient Expert CysticGal went into the hospital on Monday.  Yesterday's ABG showed very high pCO2, or carbon..., CysticGal had a heart catheterization, as part of her transplant workup.  I think she did well...
Holy Canoli Cystic Gal is the Backup: By Cystic Lady by CysticGal Patient Expert Tonight at 6:36 PM Cystic Gal was called by Brigham & Women's as the backup for lung transplant... out, but please send Cystic Gal the good feelings and energy and prayers or ...
Guest Blog by CysticLady: Update on CysticGal III by CysticGal Patient Expert I just got off the phone with CysticGal.  She wanted me to post an update.  I will also try to explain what happened last week that led up to her stay in ICU.  We were all very worried...
. I am developing symtoms that the Drs. knw very little about. It is not fun... The cause of cystic fibrosis... in thick, sticky mucus and very salty sweat.   Cystic Fibrosis is an inherited disease of the secretory...
I am not a physician and healing differs from person to person.   Checking with her primary care provider, who knows her and all her medical history,  may be the best way to get an answer specific for her.
thanks Helpful BUckeye, we were able to take her to her Vet today.  We 1st noticed is when she woke up in the morning and there is a stain on the sheets, then a bloody stain a few days later.  We use alcohol wipes to wipe
location of the lesion in question, there is a possibility that it arose from an injection site... about some other cause for this spot. From your description of the lesion and your veterinarian's response...

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Causes ... se dust mites, asthma, and allergies , such as hay fever, cystic fibrosis (a genetic condition which causes thick, sticky ... » Read on
Symptoms ... ump, or a flat scaly and crusted scab-like lesion. ... » Read on