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Aspiration of the cysts by Heather .. Patient Expert One of my doctors is talking about aspirating my cysts, mostly because they are getting big and uncomfortable. Has anybody ever done this before? Hmm, I guess I have some research to do....
Reader Question: Liposuction for Lipoma? by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Reader Question: Can I have liposuction to remove my lipoma to make the scar smaller? Lipomas are written about frequently on the web. They are fatty tumors that are non cancerous but do slowly grow larger. No
Trick of the Trade: Peritonsillar abscess needle aspiration by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor and drainage or, more commonly, by needle aspiration. Unlike surface abscesses on the skin, there are unique... for the practitioner to even see, much less aspirate, the PTA. Vascular structures, such as the carotid artery, lie...
Trick of the Trade: Peritonsillar abscess aspiration technique by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor of peritonsillar abscesses. Sometimes it can be difficult to aspirate from a syringe using only one hand...
Breast Cysts by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook the cyst contains a solid component in which case it will not disappear after needle aspiration. The solid... it will be sent for further tests. Following the needle aspiration of a symptomatic simple cyst, the vast...
Post Menopausal Ovarian Cysts: Reasons, Menaces And Answers by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional Even though ovarian cysts after the menopause are less common, instances do crop up and may cause difficulties. Post-menopausal women with an ovarian cyst that is not suitable for conservative...
Chocolate cysts - how we manage them at Malpani Infertility Clinic by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor , as many other conditions can also produce cysts in the ovary. The diagnosis can be confirmed either by aspirating the cyst... A chocolate cyst of the ovary ( also known as an endometrioma, endometrioid cyst, or...
Pinky Gets a Tumor: Fine Needle Aspirates and Punch Biopsies in Vet Medicine by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine horrible. At first I though it was a simple cyst, the kind of thing that sometimes happens over bony.... I then anesthetized her and performed two procedures we employ to identify the masses: a fine-needle aspirate...
Ovary Cysts and What Are Ovarian Cyst Symptoms by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert < p>Ovarian cysts are liquid filled sacs, of many different types, that happen... an unknown cause, and the assimilation process is halted, a cyst forms. Either the ovum, the egg, remains...
Breast cysts don't require treatment unless your cyst is large and painful or uncomfortable.  If you are experiencing those symptoms, you will need to drain the fluid from a breast cyst.  

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Treatment ... d to reduce pain and inflammation. For breast cysts, a small needle and syringe (aspiration) is sometimes used ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... d can show the size and texture of your ovaries, as well as any cysts that may be present. La ... » Read on