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drkevin California
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Dale K. South, Florida
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robs723 Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Paula T. SAN FRANCISCO, California
Hi! I live in San Francisco and am looking for more ways to be active while having a 9 to 5 job

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Sounds like you might have cut a tendon!  How deep was the cut?  Did it require stitches?  Control of all our fingers, whether bending or straightening, comes from muscles in our forearm via tendons thru the wrist...
Cut Finger…! by Kingmagic of Purpleplus .. Patient Expert she inadvertently smashed it and cut her finger. So rather than stick a plaster on it she rang the out of hours... of the wound to the finger of this lady. Treatment was initiated stat on scene…quick wipe and a plaster...
Finger Tips! by Meg W. Healthy Living Professional I thought I'd remind you all to use proper technique while chopping so that you don't cut your fingers like I did a few days ago. Curl your fingers while holding the vegetables so that the blade...
Should I Soak My Fingernails Before I Cut Them? by Sarah B. Patient Expert /pointing-fingers.jpg What do YOU think? Do you like to soak your nails before cutting them? Leave... Rozy asks…Is it better to cut my nails after they have been soaking or when they are dry...
Has skin overgrown on the wound to make the bump? It could be an overgrowth of scar tissue called Keloid. There is no treatment for this other than topical application. What you can try is applying Vitamin E oil or Almond ge
It turns out we won't have to cut off her foot! by chefpenny Patient Expert at Madison and told her that they could cut off her foot. How great would it be to be able to take her foot... if she was really going to cut off her foot. I explain that amputating any extremities is done at the hospital...
Cutting, Burning, Bruising, Breaking by Kate McLaughlin. Patient ExpertHealth Maven off of it, I think, it helped.” Kaylee “Cutting, for me, was the only control that I really thought...
if it helps. Is the cut on you knuckle? If it is it will take longer to heal becuase every time you bend your finger it will reopen. Also for general healing puposes (my daughter has severe and painful dry skin...
Married Limbo I've cut ... by Sensationally Red Patient Expert Married Limbo I've cut the leash but I can't get the collar off. My husband asked me if I'm... enough, yet the band is fused to my finger, like a big knuckled phallus wearing a gold cock ring. It has deformed...
Paper cuts by Maddy M. Patient Expert Scroll down for 'Wordless Wednesday' #1 and #2 Yes, I know they hurt, paper cuts that is to say. Indeed they hurt proportionately more than most other kinds of cuts. I’m not sure...

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Treatment ... nective tissue (fascia) so that you are able to straighten your fingers. After the surgeon has cut the connective tissue, the sk ... » Read on
Introduction ... ing the shoulder, hip, ankle, wrist and the small joints of the fingers. About 17 in every 20 arthroscopic pro ... » Read on