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cphillips Orem, Utah
Hi, I am a mother of 4 girls; a grandmother of 17; and a great grandmother of 4 beautiful little... More
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Kevy G Johannesburg, ZA
vj hyd, IN
MUKONO EPILEPSY SUPPORT FOUNDATION(MESUF) MESUF started in 2008 as an idea of a young Ugandan... More

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Hereditary Deafness in Dogs and Cats by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine of congenital/hereditary deafness — a merle Australian Shepherd that also had vision loss. His owner....   Hereditary deafness in a dog or cat is one of those rare cases when a veterinarian is sometimes able...
Aiming to cure Deafness by Danielle N. Patient Expert I recieved this article about Scientist are Aiming to find a cure for deafness. I dont think there will ever be a cure for deafness... but check out what this article saids. Aiming to Cure Deafness, Scientists
Stanford Stem Cell Discovery Could Lead To Cure For Deafness by Lily's Dad Patient Expert a possible cure -- for deafness.  Stem cell scientists reported Thursday that they have for the first time...
Is Acne Hereditary And Can Facial Steaming Cure Acne? by Fran K. Patient Expert Yes, I am human just like the rest of you and occasionally I do get a breakout. I just spent a few days at the Sunshine Coast in Queensland with the very humid weather and my skin threw a tantrum and gave me a few spots. To
Hair Cell therapy research could ‘curedeafness by Nick B. Patient Expert techniques to regrow hair cells, and ‘curingdeafness. Dr. Brigande continued: “We have the first step down... There is new hope in the treatment of deafness.  Scientists have successfully proven...
Genetics Home Reference: congenital deafness with labyrinthine aplasia, microtia, and microdontia by deafness with labyrinthine aplasia, microtia, and microdontia (also called LAMM syndrome) is a condition... of hearing loss called sensorineural deafness that is present from birth (congenital). Because the inner ear...
Congenital deafness research request by DeafBlog Patient Expert The DeafBlog has been contacted by a medical student who has chosen congenital deafness as the topic for her dissertation. She's looking for any individual who may be interested in completing a short...
Genetics Home Reference: maternally inherited diabetes and deafness by diabetes and deafness (MIDD) is a form of diabetes that is often accompanied by hearing loss...? Ballinger-Wallace syndrome diabetes mellitus, type II, with deafness maternally transmitted diabetes...
CAUSES OF HEARING LOSS AND AUDITORY NEUROPATHY...VIDEO ON CUED SPEECH by Jodi Cutler Del Dottore Patient ExpertHealth Maven with hereditary hearing loss, or have a deaf child and don't know what caused it, it could very well... of its many characteristics. Hair Cell Regeneration Is a cure for deafness possible in our lifetimes? Guest article on one...
Interview with Andrew Goodwin from Deafness Research UK by Steve C. Patient Expert Deafness Research UK is a charity that helps to create radical improvements in the prevention...: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Deafness Research UK? [Andrew Goodwin] My name is Andrew Goodwin...

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Why should it be done? ... n cause of viral meningitis in children. Also causes temporary deafness, miscarriage, inflammation of the pancreas, and pain an ... » Read on
Why it should be done ... n cause of viral meningitis in children.  Also causes temporary deafness, miscarriage, inflammation of the pancreas, and pain an ... » Read on