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Ron Birkenhead, England, UK
Hi, I'm Ron, and I'm an ME/CFS survivor (so far anyway), 24 years and counting. I am, at the... More
Tamra California
I am a college student who was diagnosed with vulvar vestibulitis, a subtype of vulvodynia in... More
mia28 Chicago, Illinois
I'm very much into health and lifestyles. My mom is 60 years old and has rheumatoid arthritis,... More
Bruakerdrick California
Lychee costs about $ 8 - $ 10 per pound, and you must use a variety of fresh. Above all you need... More
AliShoreshine California
I'm a 25 year old female, that has faced two catastrophic hospitalized actions for random,... More

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Honey Water to Cure!! by Heather F. Patient Expert !! So I when to the Dr tonight with my Gavin and he has been having a terrible cough and congestion! But I was amazed...(just enough to dissolve the honey) it stops the child from coughing and congestion!! Don't believe...
Not a Cure for the Common Cold by rwboughton Patient Expert the sneezing, coughing, hacking, drooling presence of my infected family members. My neurologist... was a cure for the cold, surely they'd have lemon flavored lozenges available, or some kind of stuff...
Natural Homemade Cough Syrup by Carolin K. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Coughing can be caused by breathing in dust particles or swallowing food that went through the wrong way. That’s why you cough; it helps to clear your throat and air passage. However, unrestrained...
How To Cure Itchy Scalp by Sarah B. Patient Expert Taya’s trouble…Dear Beauty Brains, I just read up on your article about smelly scalps and wanted to know if there are any causes or solutions to itchy scalps. My sister started developing an itchy scalp several months
A Common Household Product That Cures Ear Itchiness by Sarah B. Patient Expert Faith is fearful of flakes… I would like to know what causes my ears to be dry, flaky and itchy. The inner part of my ear and the part behind the lobe gets so dry I can just peel a layer off. I use lotions and oils, b
Natural and Effective Remedies for Treating Bronchitis Cough by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert bronchitis cure that relieves bothersome coughs with strong, clinically-tested botanicals, this bronchitis... coughing. A very excellent and simple bronchitis cure for this is to use a cool mist vaporizer. Place one...
The Healthy Food That Made Me Sick and the Junk Food That Made Me Feel Better [Can You Use Diet to Cure Depression?] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert ”, the miraculous “curing chronic arthritis”, the dubious “killing germs in the bladder”, and the enigmatic... evened out. But all I had was rain and I can’t breathe without coughing...
Abies Nigra: The Gastrointestinal Cure by Sanjib S. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine are costiveness, cough, indigestion, belching, hemorrhage, hypochondriasis, Malarial feverishness, effects of Tea..., as if something were lodged in the chest and had to be coughed up; lungs feel tight. Cannot be fully enlarged. Worsened...
Cough by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert Causes & Nature Cure of Cough If coughing is marked with expulsion of cough or sputum... Cure treatments, Hot foot bath and Chest pack are beneficial. Heavy and cough producing diet like milk...
Coughs Colds And A Newborn's Runny Nose by just 4 families Patient Expert can do to 'cure' a cough, cold or runny nose in a baby. Classic signs of the common cold in babies... in their life. For new parents, a babies first cough, cold or runny nose can be a worrying experience...

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