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Croup by Amy Mossoff Patient Expert It looks like Samantha has her first case of croup.  Around 11pm last night, a sound....  It sounded like a barking seal and it was loud.  A bit later, Sam woke up crying...
LOL Clip of the Day by Beth F. Patient Expert Was riding in a cab today, saw this video and laughed out loud. In fact, I was having so much fun watching it that my cab driver kept turning around to see what all the commotion was about. Take a look and get ready to cr
Sound all around by Funny Old Life Healthy Living Professional between your computer speakers. Click on this sound clip You will hear three sound clips: pure tones, a voice, and part of a Madonna song. Each sound clip is repeated three times. First, the right and left audio...
A sound you can’t unhear: why our hearing is mostly controlled by our own expectations by Steve C. Patient Expert . Next, Das plays the original, unaltered clip: a […] You can read this article in full at A sound... Just listen to this radio clip. It’s only takes 50 seconds for the Franklin Institute’s chief...
Treatment of Croup in Children by Dr. Charlotte Thompson Medical Doctor here from the east and the mother was greatly worried because her daughter sounded croupy. She told me that in the past the pediatrician gave the child steriods when she sounded croupy. Also, the little girl...
Croup is here by Denise and Alan F. Patient Expert who are spending their holiday feeling crummy. The biggest player this week is croup. Croup is caused by a handful of viruses, but it's different than the common cold. I always know when croup season has arrived...
Early Monday Clippings by Jennifer Jaff Patient Expert than it sounds. And USA Today talks about the big fraud haul from Medicare -- and these were the cuts in Medicare the anti-reformers were screaming about. Still sound like a bad idea? Enjoy! Jennifer ...
Advances in Nose-Clipping: A New Use For Pantyhose by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy In the Shangri-La Diet forums, Maychi has posted about a new way of nose-clipping (eliminating... certain sounds. So in order to not sound like you have a horribly blocked nose, you have to say “delicious...
Tracking Medical Device Recalls – Sounds Like A Good Place for a Microsoft Tag Data Base at the FDA by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven information or any other relative information that would be needed.  This sounds pretty simple... in Brooklyn used one of the clips to tie off Michael King's renal artery when he donated a kidney...
Loving Lampposts video clips by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven is about, here are a series of video clips the produces have made available: Opening sequence with director Todd Drezner introducing autism spectrum disorder through his son, Sam Loving Lampposts Clip#1 from Cinema Libre...

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Symptoms Croup is much more likely to occur during the winter months. The ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... s the case, your doctor may suggest that you have a breast ultrasound instead. If you need to have a mammogram ... » Read on