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Brandi1980 Greenup, Kentucky
I'm a good girl with a lot of bad habits! I'm a mother of 3 living the small town life, but would... More
davedandinfused London, UK
In April 2008 I had the first inkling something was wrong when I temporarily lost all feeling... More
Running Lizard Chicago, Illinois
Running Lizard is my attempt to keep track of my training and keep a record of the random things I... More
Jens_Itchy_Feet California
Hi. My name is Jen. I started running in early 2010, after hitting my first mid-ish life crisis... More
Hello my name is Brittany I am a 20 year old nutrition student on a mission to live a healthy and... More

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Random Urine Protein and Creatinine by Romelette L. Patient Expert my illness very well. So he ordered me for a random urine protein and creatinine. I thought at first it was 24 hour so I did do a 24 hour. haha. But then he said I need the random thing. The clinic...
Creatinine clearance versus creatinine by Margaret Patient Expert I went to see my family doctor earlier today. There I was, all concerned about my high creatinine... up serum creatinine and creatinine clearance, duuuh…Hmmm, well, as George Bernard Shaw said, A life spent [...]
Six Random Things... I was tagged for the meme- 6 random things about me by: The Safety of Madness I'm not sure what a mem by Linea Patient ExpertFacebook I was tagged for the meme- 6 random things about me by: The Safety of Madness I'm not sure... going to follow them exactly, I will just tell you that I am supposed to write six random things...
Random Learning? the 8 Random Facts Meme by Alvaro F. Healthy Living Professional Orli from Neurontic tagged me with a new meme –writing about 8 Random Personal Facts... ways yet, seen with perspective, seem to be a type of non-random randomness, if that makes sense…  
Random Training = Random Results by Cord C. Patient Expert , for any given time. I equate this random training to my interest in running hard. My training...
Who should you believe: random doctors or random co-runners? by Clara Patient Expert , etc) are not necessary, but rather good, "normal" foods. It quotes random doctors and their beliefs...
Random thoughts on a random day by Sherri Patient Expert If given a choice and you must give up one sense, which would it be? Sight or hearing? Most would keep sight over hearing. I understand that, but would keep my hearing over sight. I wouldn't want to give up listening to musi
IMHO...Random Thoughts on Random Issues by LunaNik Patient Expert OCTO-MOM For Pete's sake...leave the woman alone! Yes, she was dumb to have so many kids. Yes, she was even dumber to have gotten preggers by way of fertility doctor/clinic. And, yes, she was even dumberer to have so man
Random randomness.... by Helene Patient Expert Things that make me irritable: 1) People who drive slow. You know, the ones who hop in their car and barely press on the gas pedal, as if they have all the time in the world. Chances are, I have 4 kids screaming in my mini-
Thanks Barb. I am somewhat lackadaisical about stretching, so maybe if I am more consistent, the pains will not return. When I first started running I got them, so I figured it was "First time runners Syndrome". Then when I i

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How it works ... ent can be measured. Most clinical trials are randomized. A computer, not a doctor, will decide at random whic ... » Read on
Symptoms ... al seizure are normally characterized by apparently strange and random bodily behavior, such as: smacking your lips, ... » Read on