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Lynn W. Saint Paul, Minnesota
Founder and CEO of The WeCo (Wehrman Collaborative), an organization which: 1. Fosters... More
Danie J. California
This is me, Danie, 31yrs old and: Survivor, Student of life, Proud bookworm,... More
AnaisBertie California
I am Actress Anais Bertie. I was born April 2, 1989 in Los Angeles, CA. I practically grew up... More
medvacflights California
Air ambulance and medical transport services company providing worldwide medevac and medical... More
Darlene M. IOWA CITY, Iowa
Dr. Darlene McCord is one of the two founders of McCord Research. As senior researcher, she brings... More

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Genetics Home Reference: X-linked creatine deficiency by creatine deficiency. The SLC6A8 gene provides instructions for making a protein that transports... gene mutations impair the ability of the transporter protein to bring creatine into cells, resulting...
UNDERSTANDING CREATINE BASICS & THE FACTS by Richard S. Patient Expert What is creatine? Put simply, creatine is a compound that supplies energy to your muscles. It is made by the human body, and also found in some foods – primarily fresh meat. Creatine is produced in the liver...
Creatine For Real Results! by Richard S. Patient Expert the most bang for your buck do not buy the creatine transports! These are enormously overpriced... that work, creatine being the most notable of all of them. It is the best selling supplement ever, period...
El transporte-Transportation by Ruth K. Patient Expert at our destination. Our overnight coach on the right The only time I was really concerned about transportation...
I would like to know, first, why you are interested in creatineCreatine is a product of animal meats.  Body....  If you do not want to develop muscle and gain muscle-related weight, creatine is not right for you.  Creatine...
, then creatine will more than likely be ok for you. As always, consult your physician before modifying your nutrition through the use of supplements. Another very important thing to remember is that creatine...
Why do you think you need creatine? Creatine is usually for people doing weight training or particpating in sports or events that require bursts of effort. If you are considering taking it, be sure
Independent Transportation Network - Find One or Start One Near You by Anthony Cirillo Patient ExpertHealth Maven @ITN The Independent Transportation Network® (ITN), is the first and only national non-profit transportation system for America's aging population. ITNAmerica​'s affiliates provide...
The Creatine Dosage Calculation ... by Marc D. Healthy Living Professional The Creatine Dosage Calculation In order to calculate your creatine dosage according.... The maintenance phase is even less at only 0.03 grams of creatine per kilogram of body weight. Example: 86kg...
Creatine Facts by Marc D. Healthy Living Professional Creatine Facts Today I received somewhere around the 100th question (comment) regarding Creatine.  It went something like this … “Never mix Creatine with protein and or Glutamine...

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Symptoms ... emia happens when red blood cells (the cells in your blood that transport oxygen) are destroyed. Symptoms are: ... » Read on
Causes There are differences in human blood known as blood groups. There are four main blood groups: A, ... » Read on