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I love organic natural and such. i am trying my best to transfer over but it is sometimes hard.

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lyme protocol and a poem by robin Patient Expert because this is really what has been causing my steady improvement. i'm on month 5 of the cowden protocol for lyme disease, and i'm... more and more amazed at my energy increases. the only things i've really done are change my diet and start the cowden...
Partners In Lyme: Partners In Protocol by Renee Patient Expert and I are now on Stephen Buhner's herbal protocol for Lyme. Just like that. I was determined to get off antibiotics (abx) and go on herbs, but thought we were heading towards Cowden's Protocol and had purchased a few...
Fantastic information on the Cowden Protocol by Bryan R. Patient Expert This is a great, central source of free information on the very important Cowden Protocol: I found the videos especially useful. Enjoy!
Hope Rising: A New Lyme Protocol by Renee Patient Expert protocols are being used now, just move on and come back another day! Otherwise, my friends, keep reading... Lyme treatments. She can then look at this and I don't waste our scheduled time talking...
Buhner Lyme Protocol Update 2010 by Bryan R. Patient Expert Scott Forsgren of published an excellent summary article of the Buhner protocol (from the book Healing Lyme). If you want to read about the protocol (including specific
Lee Cowden on Lyme Disease by Connie S. Patient Expert Following is a short video about the best way to diagnose chronic Lyme disease, as well as how it's most often transmitted, according to Lee Cowden, MD. The benefits of an herbal antimicrobial...
Treating Lyme Disease With Natural Remedies by Connie S. Patient Expert , I always encourage people to try natural protocols first when treating Lyme disease. One physician whom I have come to greatly respect for his success in treating Lyme disease using natural medicine is Lee Cowden, MD...
From [ Lyme Disease Research Dat ... by Duane Sherry, M.S. Patient Expert . In other interviews, renowned physician and medical researcher Dr. Lee Cowden discusses his Lyme protocol, and master... Protocol for Effectiveness in Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease; Successful Protocol Interests Doctors...
CFIDS and Lyme, Sitting in a Tree by Richard Patient Expert for lyme, along with a lot of the supportive measures you see in my protocol, and said I'd probably see... give a flying truck about the details of one failed protocol...
Lyme Disease: A Journey of Hope by Renee Patient Expert slowly on Stephen Buhner's herbal antibiotics protocol and will add some of Dr. Cowden's herbs... As I stated in my last post, most of my information comes from my LLMD, books, Lyme sites...

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Causes ... on such as gastroenteritis, tuberculosis (TB), Crohn's disease, Lyme disease or gonorrhea, or an autoimmune disorder or dis ... » Read on
Causes Lyme disease is caused by spiral-shaped bacteria known as 'Borre ... » Read on